Sweatshirt dress

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I was honestly dreading being off this weekend because without the craziness of labor and delivery, I knew that I would have more time to think about missing Stephen. It was so much better than I thought it would be though: I spent Friday with my cousins at their lake house an hour away and then when I was driving back to St. Louis last night, I got a text from one of the OB residents asking if I wanted to get together for dinner (this resident also happens to be the daughter of this OB/GYN physician). We had the best time talking about OB/GYN residency, NFP and Napro technology, being Catholic, and life...

Dress: Madewell
Belt: Gap

This is a little bit of a 'cheater' outfit since the pictures are from when I wore it to work a couple weeks ago, but it is what I wore to mass today. This dress may be the most versatile item in my closet: the clinic with hose and flats, casual with a jean jacket or a cardi and a fun necklace, summer with a colored belt and sandals, winter with boots, a sweater, and tights...

How I wore it last:
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  1. What a great piece to have in your closet. And that belt really makes it shine. Sounds like you had a lovely evening, too!

  2. I love comfy, versatile pieces like that. You wear it well, Erika!

  3. aweee you look adorable Erika in that green dress, love it!!!
    take care

  4. I'm a little bit in love with the sweatshirt dress! I think it looks so comfy without sacrificing any cuteness. now if only I could afford to shop at Madewell...

  5. Oh I love that dress! Having a core piece like that on hand is awesome for rushed and/or indecisive days!

  6. I'm obsessed with that dress too. I need it to go on sale and for them to get the smaller sizes back in stock! (Does it run a little big, Erica? Online reviewers seemed to suggest so. I would normally take a S but some of the commenters' remarks made me think I'd need an XS.)

  7. Love the dress. So simple yet versatile. I found a similar one today at the Mall but I didn't have time to try it on. I'll have to go back and try it on.

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