Wearing lately + 5 things

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

 Wearing lately:

1. Puffer vest//mustard//scarf//Hunter's

This has been my quintessential fall uniform...I want to wear it every.day.
Sweater: J. Crew Factory (recent)
Vest: Gap
Scarf: H&M (old)
Dark denim: Gap
Boots: Hunter

 2. Aztec sweater//black + brown

Ahhh this sweater. So cozy and fun. Pinterest proved to me that brown and black can 100% be worn together.
Sweater: Urban Outfitters (old, similar)
Black leggings/tee: Target
Boots: Madewell Archive

3. Shades of grey//stripes

This sweatshirt dress has completely repaid itself in cost-per-wear. There are so many ways to layer it for fall.

Dress: Madewell
Scarf:  J. Crew Factory
Chambray: J. Crew Factory (old)
Boots: J. Crew via Anna

 Two more things (linking up with Hallie):

4. I made this white chicken chili last night and it's perfecto for a cool fall night. This recipe is hands-down my favorite white chicken chili recipe; it's super easy and soooo good (it won a Rachel Ray contest). I pretty much follow the recipe other than that I cook the chicken in a little olive oil first and then I put everything in the crockpot on high for a good hour and a half. Oh and I use Mexican jack cheese in place of straight pepper jack (Stephen can't handle anything remotely spicy).
5. Stephen and I won't be dressing up this year for Halloween, but we did go to a party last year as Mr. and Mrs. Incredible (I still can't believe that I got him to wear red spandex). 


I also happened to be on call that night so I was beeper-ready.
I'm working my last shift in the ER today and then I'm off until January to take the second part of my boards and finish up my interviews. This year is just going by crazy fast and I'm really trying to savor each day before the rigors of residency next year.

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

I continue to be M.I.A. lately. I've decided to stop being hard on myself and just post when I have the time (which won't be very often in the next months while I'm wrapped up in a myriad of residency interviews) or when something inspires me (which is when I should be writing anyways). 

Here's my life lately...

1. Peaceful hike with my sister.

2. So much beauty. Oh fall, please don't go!

3. 28th birthday...and I feel like such a lucky lady when I look at these pictures. So much love.

4. My residency picture. I'm not sure how I feel about this perfectly Photoshopped version of myself. Although Photoshop couldn't hide the fact that I'm in desperate need of a hair trim (hello scraggly ends).

5. Stephen and I just got home after driving 2300+ miles for my first two residency interviews (home to Rochester, Minnesota to Buffalo, New York and back). It was exhausting to say the least. I had really planned to drive to most of my interviews, but after that brutal 4 days in the car, I purchased three plane tickets for my next interviews....Conclusions from the trip: flying is worth it and my husband (who drove all 30+ hours) is just amazing and entirely too good to me.

6. The big news of my small hometown is that we now have an Ulta. They just happened to open right around my birthday and my present to myself was this, 20% off but still more than I've ever spent in my life on eye shadow (in all fairness it is 12 different shades and will probably last me years). I'll keep you posted on if it was worth it.
Urban Decay Cosmetics  
7. I'm on number 7 so can I link up with Jen? Happy Sunday tomorrow, I'll be working a shift in the ER. Oh the joys.

Remembering Haiti

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

There have been a multitude of reasons that I haven't posted lately. One of them I'll share sometime in the weeks/months to come, the others I've already named one too many times (residency applications/boards/traveling). I've also found that I have less desire lately to post about superficial things. I've found myself less interested in reading my normal daily style blogs and in shopping (a good thing). This doesn't mean that I won't still be sharing the occasional outfit post, just that I'm feeling the urge to write about more if I'm going to keep this little space on the internet alive...so here's what has been on my heart lately.

I have written next to nothing about my experience these last two months in the ER. It's been a good two months, very educational of course and interesting. The same things that attracted me to work in the E.D. as a nurse still hold true: the variety, the occasional excitement, and the ability to comfort people at vulnerable points of their lives. Contrary to many who work in emergency rooms though, I don't love traumas. I saw terrible trauma during my work in Haiti and seeing trauma here reminds me of that. Especially last Saturday.

*Some details changed to preserve patient privacy*

Saturday was one of those completely chaotic days in the ER, starting with a medical code where we lost a patient in her 50s, continuing with a child that had to take a life-flight out to a bigger hospital with neurosurgery after we diagnosed a brain bleed, and culminating with a little boy coming in with a horrific facial wound after a devastating accident. I tried to comfort the boy and his family as much as I could but there wasn't much that I could do after the plastic surgeon started to repair his face. It was awful. His cries brought me back to Haiti and this little boy, who I will never forget.

He was only eight, but he seemed much older than that. He had lost his parents in the earthquake weeks earlier, and in the meantime had suffered weeks with a facial wound sustained in the earthquake that extended into his eye. The physical wounds were devastating, but the emotional wounds from losing his parents ran much deeper. Over the next days that I spent in Haiti, I would go and sit with him in the pediatrics tent after finishing my E.R. shift.

His story ends somewhat happily though: several months after I returned from Haiti I was flipping through a nurse friend from college's Haiti pictures. This friend had volunteered with the U.S.S. Comfort, a naval ship that docked in Haiti with a team of specialists and equipment to care for earthquake victims needing care more than the makeshift volunteer hospitals could provide in Port Au Prince. And one of my friend's pictures was the little boy that I cared for, smiling and happy, after multiple surgeries to reconstruct his injury.

I couldn't sleep after I got home from my shift in the E.D. on Saturday. The child with the injury's face was too much ingrained in my mind, as were the images of multiple other children that I had cared for in Haiti. And as I lay there, I contemplated what to do with my life. I still haven't decided between OB/GYN and emergency medicine. There is no doubt in my mind that OB/GYN is what I'm passionate about but the difficulties of being a mother as an OB/GYN resident are still at the forefront of my decision. I went to medical school initially planning to become an emergency medicine physician, and I can see through working there that I am needed. There are so many patients like that little boy on Saturday who need comfort during the most traumatic moments of their lives. So I'll keep praying...

On October, and NFP...

Friday, October 11, 2013

Joining Jen for Friday Quick Takes.

1. Beautiful fall hike that Stephen and I went on this week:

2. I love this. 
3. I thought that this post brought up some interesting points on oral contraceptives. It's been said before, but really feel that we (medical professionals) have failed women in not informing them of the numerous side effects and risks of OCTs. I can't tell you how many patients I've seen with DVTs and pulmonary embolisms that were due at least in part to the pill. And from my own experience taking them for dysmenorrhea while I was in college, the depression/mood swings were just awful

4. So yeah, Stephen and I use NFP (for numerous reasons). We use the Marquette Method, which we've been really happy with. It involves using the Clearblue fertility monitor, which is very scientific and also easy to use, along with another fertility sign. There's no Marquette Method class where we are, so we learned the method ourselves using this manual. NFP has been both good for my health and good for our marriage.

5. I've had several people email me questions on Marquette's post-partum method. You can read their protocol here. And while I can't speak from personal experience, I think that this method seems easier to use than some other post-partum methods.

6. Perfect October outfit via Pink Peonies. I'm obsessed with military jackets and Hunter boots...


7. Happy weekend! I'll be working more weird shifts in the emergency department (sigh). It's been crazy this week: lots of psych patients, prisoners, more than enough opportunities to suture (I've been having dreams about sewing people up), a couple medical codes and traumas, and one case that was House-worthy (diagnosis yet to be determined). We shall see what the weekend brings.

Fall uniform

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This is my third straight month in scrubs: August was OB/GYN and last month and this month are both ER. While they're comfy and it makes dressing in the morning a lot easier/quicker, I'm desperately missing wearing 'normal' clothes during my favorite time of year, fall.

I've found myself gravitating towards neutrals of late. This cargo jacket was an investment purchase even on sale, but it's the perfect fall piece. Adding a scarf makes it a little more girly. And the boots? I found them on Amazon Warehouse late spring, supposedly defective for $50 but I couldn't find any defects when I got them in the mail. Desiree started my obsession with them.

I'm headed to the ER tonight and I have to admit that switching shifts every day along with working mostly evening/late night shifts is really starting to wear on me. I'm definitely ready for some time off next month for residency interviews. 

Jacket: J. Crew
Tunic: Splendid via 6pm.com
Boots: Steve Madden, clearance via Amazon Wearhouse
Ponte pants: J. Crew Factory

Outfit inspiration:

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

It's made me sad not to blog regularly. I've missed blogger friends, outfit posts, writing...but I'm finally back to some sense of normalcy after the blur of traveling for two months of away electives, random ER shifts, residency applications, and the first part of my Step 2 medical boards in Chicago. While I was gone, Stephen moved us to our new house, so this is the backyard of our cozy little rental. Beautiful.

Oh, how I love fall! Cool air and crisp leaves, boots and blazers, scarves and cozy sweaters... Stephen actually really liked this outfit. I still haven't unpacked much from the move, but my sweatshirt dress was one of my staples over the last two months (when I wasn't wearing scrubs) and I managed to grab this blazer and my favorite boots from one of my unpacked boxes right before I left for mass...
Dress: Madewell
Blazer: J. Crew clearance, this year's version
Scarf: J. Crew
Boots: Madewell archive boots via Ebay

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