Saturday, October 26, 2013

I continue to be M.I.A. lately. I've decided to stop being hard on myself and just post when I have the time (which won't be very often in the next months while I'm wrapped up in a myriad of residency interviews) or when something inspires me (which is when I should be writing anyways). 

Here's my life lately...

1. Peaceful hike with my sister.

2. So much beauty. Oh fall, please don't go!

3. 28th birthday...and I feel like such a lucky lady when I look at these pictures. So much love.

4. My residency picture. I'm not sure how I feel about this perfectly Photoshopped version of myself. Although Photoshop couldn't hide the fact that I'm in desperate need of a hair trim (hello scraggly ends).

5. Stephen and I just got home after driving 2300+ miles for my first two residency interviews (home to Rochester, Minnesota to Buffalo, New York and back). It was exhausting to say the least. I had really planned to drive to most of my interviews, but after that brutal 4 days in the car, I purchased three plane tickets for my next interviews....Conclusions from the trip: flying is worth it and my husband (who drove all 30+ hours) is just amazing and entirely too good to me.

6. The big news of my small hometown is that we now have an Ulta. They just happened to open right around my birthday and my present to myself was this, 20% off but still more than I've ever spent in my life on eye shadow (in all fairness it is 12 different shades and will probably last me years). I'll keep you posted on if it was worth it.
Urban Decay Cosmetics  
7. I'm on number 7 so can I link up with Jen? Happy Sunday tomorrow, I'll be working a shift in the ER. Oh the joys.


  1. Praying you get the residency you want.

  2. Same here! I'm sending you good luck vibes for your residency interviews, and that come match day you are happy with where you go!

  3. One of my very best BFFs is a psychologist at Mayo. She and I did our clinical psychology internships (= residency) together in Chicago and then moved back to MN at the same time--she to a postdoc (and then a job) at Mayo and me to a clinical job in the Minnetonka area (western Twin Cities suburbs). Anyway, if you end up there be sure and let me know and I'll give you her name. She's amazing. :)

  4. man, you were so close to me! you probably almost drove THROUGH Erie to get to Buffalo ;)

    I like the residency picture. I'd let you be my doc :D

  5. No pressure on posting - blog when you want to so you keep it fun. No sense making this feel like another job, you've got enough on your plate!

  6. Love your picture!!!!!! YOu look beautiful and i totally know what you mean about posting. SInce being back at work part time, juggling everything has been so hard.



  7. So nice that your husband is able to accompany you for some of the interviews! I'm from Buf (boyfriend is in med school here). Hope you liked it!


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