36 weeks, 5 days

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Jacket: Old Navy (old, similar)
Scarf: J. Crew Factory (old, similar)
Shoes: Madewell (old, similar)
Dress: Gap

And counting. Just kidding (sort of). I figured that I better get another maternity post in before this babe decides to make his appearance (although he seems pretty comfy in there right now). My maternity tops and dresses are starting to not really fit right (I keep thinking that I shrunk things in the wash and then realize that it's just my continuously expanding belly). I have the threatening start of a stretch mark on my right hip, but I guess I can't complain too much because my stomach is still unscathed. Since I'm sure you're all fascinated by my mundane pregnancy symptoms, I also am having lots of trouble sleeping like every single other pregnant person at the end of her third trimester. I'm not sure though if every other pregnant 36-weeker has the crazy hormones that have manifested themselves this week. One minute I'm crying, the next super mad, the next not wanting to talk to anyone - it's like high school PMS x 100. In my defense, the worse day was yesterday after I spent hours awake in bed after 3:30 a.m. (no sleep + pregnancy hormones = craziness apparently). Poor Stephen does not know what to do with himself.

Otherwise things are going well. I don't feel nearly as bad as I envisioned almost full-term would feel. I've been exercising every day (my mom is doing my pregnancy DVDs with me which is awesome). I'm alternating days with this DVD and this one along with walking most days. In case you are judging my over-motivation, I'm really just scared of drug-free labor (which is my plan thus far). We had our 37 week prenatal today and things looked good - baby is still measuring on or just under target and my doctor assures me that I am not carrying an enormous baby.

And Friday is our rural medicine convocation (graduation with our whole class is in May, right around my due date so we shall see if I venture there or not). That M.D. is so close I can touch it...but at the moment I'm just happy that tomorrow is my last day in the cardiac cath lab.

Five Favorites this week:

1. This perfect swimsuit which is 50% off today (I reaaaallly want to order it because it looks like a perfect postpartum suit but have no idea what size to get).
2. Anna's tips on remixing/packing lightly (I own super similar pieces to most of these so I definitely bookmarked this for the future).
3. This totally inappropriate/irreverent (consider yourself forewarned) birth story that had me in stitches: (part onepart twopart three). 
4. Grace's new arrival...Since she was due two weeks ahead of me reality is striking that I will actually be birthing a human person in the very near future.
5. J. Crew's May Style Guide - love, love almost all of these looks (especially those aqua pants, all the linen tops, and that black and white dress).

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  1. You look so cute! You are due one day after me. =) Both my other two were late though, so hopefully you'll have your little one before mine decides to show. I don't know if my hormones are more of a mess due to my lack of sleep these days or the 26 week mark, but I'm right with you. =)

  2. Hi Erika!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog:)
    Good luck with the rest of your pregnany and labor!

  3. You look great, Erika! Hopefully baby comes sooner rather than later; that last month can be a killer if they keep you waiting!

  4. Good luck with your delivery! You're such a boss for want to go without drugs. I'd probably want meds injected to me at the first sign of contractions. Such a weakling I am. Can't wait to see your little boy!

  5. Good luck, Erika! I know, isn't it great about Grace? Another girl! I feel like I know you ladies (creepy I know), so I am very happy for her and excited for you. Hang in there! :)

  6. In my experience, the exercise during pregnancy paid off for delivery (and recovery!). So hang in there! And eeeee, last day!

  7. You're so close! And looky, all the snow is melted! Woohoo!

  8. Oh i was just thinking about u!
    You're looking great.... congrats, Dr. H-M! :)

  9. And I clicked over the birth story links ~ wow... that's why I did not ask Derrick to take pix of me in labor. I don't want to see myself or ANYBODY in labor pains..... It will be a good motivator for teens to abstain!

    No Premarital sex for u... or else unmedicated labor. (scared them enough???)

  10. you're a trooper for trying for a birth with no intervention! i'm expecting twins in august and am terrified of their exit strategy. all i can think of is c-section and/or epidural! stat! :)

    ashley @ sunnysideshlee.com

  11. In the final-final! Congratulations. Can't wait till you experience all the love once you see your wee one.


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