39 weeks + graduation thoughts

Monday, May 12, 2014

Well, we made it to 39 weeks. I think everyone is a little shocked, including me. Yes, I know all too well that it's most common for first-time moms to go right around their due date or a little late, but with all the cramping early on and stress that I was under courtesy of medical school, no one thought that I would go late. And I know that I'm not late yet...but baby M is not showing any signs of coming any time soon. So what have I tried? Well, raspberry leaf tea, evening primrose oil, pineapple, a pedicure, a prenatal massage, long walks, tons of squats (I've been doing either prenatal pilates or Summer Sanders just about every day), and a few other things. All of which has only served to reaffirm that a) there's a reason that these strategies aren't scientifically proven (at least to my knowledge) and b) baby M will come when he very well wants to.

All in all, 39 weeks isn't that bad. Regardless of how I may look, I don't feel that huge (for the first time in my life, I'm so thankful for my uber long torso) and the fact that the baby dropped way down two weeks ago has taken away a lot of my pregnancy symptoms (hardly any more acid reflux! yay!). I will admit to continued crazy mood swings (so sorry Stephen...and everyone else that I've been around). The main reason that I'm so anxious though to have this baby is not preggo symptoms but the fact that we need to move in the next few weeks so that I can start residency orientation June 16. If this baby decides to wait past 40 weeks, we will be in quite the situation (also complicated by the fact that Stephen's brother is getting married the weekend before I start orientation, it is no where near my residency location, and we are both in the wedding). It's all in God's hands though, right?

This past weekend was a little tough. I decided not to go to my medical school graduation - chances were just too high that I would go into labor and deliver 7 hours away from home...and if not that, I was afraid that the car ride (14 hours total) would be miserable. I guess I didn't realize that it would feel so bittersweet. It was sad not to see my classmates and say goodbye before we go our respective ways, and it also kind of felt like the end of medical school was anti-climactic. I know that part of my feelings were from pride too. I was one of three people in my class to graduate as a member of both medical school honor societies, and I guess the human part of us always secretly wants to be recognized. The end of the story though, is that this new baby and our family are so much more important than any of that. I feel some regret right now about not going (easy to say now that I did not go into labor this weekend) but I know that it will be the very last thing on my mind after this little guy arrives.

Dress: Gap
Cardi: J. Crew (my favorite!)
Sandals: Birkenstocks
Necklace: Express (old)

Prayers for baby McMahon are much appreciated! And a very happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! Sweet Stephen brought me these in honor of my first Mother's Day (even though baby has yet to arrive ha):

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  1. Happy Mothers Day, Erika! You look amazing and I can't wait to hear about the little guys arrival! I think I've considered those Birkenstock Gizehs for the past like three summers but haven't been sure about pulling the trigger yet…your feelings about your graduation are very understandable, both the well-meaning and the human ones, but regardless, let me say congratulations!

    By the way, I'd love for you to join in my wedding linkup!

  2. God luck, Erika! I love those Birkenstock Gizehs--Stephanie above, you should totally get them! I have the black patent also. Anyway, Erika, I can understand your feelings about graduation but believe me when I tell you that your hunch that 14 hrs. in the car at 39 wks. pregnant would NOT be a wise idea. It would be so, so miserable. ;) You did the right thing! I predict labor begins any minute now. :)

  3. Prayers for you Erika! Those last few weeks of pregnancy are hard psychologically, especially when the baby doesn't come as early as expected . . . . And I agree with the commenters above that (a) the Birks look great and (b) a long car trip would have been v. uncomfortable.

  4. It's so true. My son was a late as humanly possible. He came when he wanted to. Just enjoy the last few weeks of it just being the 2 of you.



  5. I love your nails! nice colors :)
    waiting anxiously for baby M ~ just like you.

  6. Can't wait to see the little guy! I would be so stressed out if I were in your shoes. I'm really hoping he decides to arrive before the wedding & the move so you can all have a little less anxiety on the plate!

  7. Sorry you weren't able to make your graduation - that definitely sounds like a tough call and disappointing after all your hard work. But you're right that your focus will be entirely different soon! (And should I offer that our doula said a little, ummm, shall I say "romance" would do the trick... and maybe it did...)

  8. You are seriously the most adorable pregnant person! Sorry about missing the graduation but what a great excuse. I missed my Masters graduation bc I wanted to spend time out of state with family. Congrats on matching and your soon to be little one :) Stopping by from medical mondays.


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