Small town anonymity and a bright pencil skirt...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oh, small town life. This morning I was more than a little surprised to see a large picture of my face in the local newspaper along with an article about my medical school's rural medicine track and a little blurb about me working here for the next two months. It's so funny what little towns fill their paper with (and also pretty funny that I had no idea that they were running the story). There is definitely no way to be anonymous here (or probably in any small town). I'm loving it though; every day in the clinic is different from the last and I feel privileged to get a glimpse into the patients' lives along with some of the struggles that go with living in a small town: economic hardships for many families and a definite shortage of physicians/health care.

 As they say, hindsight is 20/20, but I definitely should have ironed this skirt (and probably the sweater). The truth is that Stephen irons most of my clothes (if they really have to be ironed) and he was working last weekend.

I don't think that work clothes have to be boring, and hence my slowly growing collection of colorful pencil skirts. The camel polka dot sweater was sort of an unintentional pairing with the bright blue skirt, but I think it works. This sweater is the J. Crew Factory version of the regular store version last year, and I snagged it the minute that it went on sale + 30% off (I loved it last year but it was too pricey). It's a fun neutral and a light linen knit that's perfect for spring.

 Camel polka dot sweater: J. Crew Factory
Blue striped button-down: Gap
Cobalt pencil skirt: J. Crew Factory

Joining Bri for Third Thursday Threads: Workwear and Mix and Match Fashion for What I Wore to Work.

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  1. My heart just skipped a beat when you said your husband irons your clothes for you. Pat did all our laundry and most of our cooking--even making my lunches--when we were first married. So endearing. :-)

  2. i love this outfit! its timeless and fun in one.

  3. Love this outfit. You're semi-famous. It's nice that they made you feel so welcome. Good luck :)


  4. so cute! and you are FAMOUS which is really fun.

  5. I love colorful pencil skirts! This blue is so pretty on you. Visiting from Bri's linkup today. =)

    Avec Amber

  6. Definitely cute, wrinkles & all. A husband who irons. Is he signing husbands up for seminars....?

  7. Love this! Another great styling idea for this sweater which I also have and love. I posted a pic of me the other day in my striped pencil and no matter what I did it still looked wrinkled. So you're not alone :) and wow...I don't even think my husband knows how to use the iron, kudos to you!

  8. Really love this sweater with the pencil skirt - those colors go great together!!! So glad to be following your blog now!!! Thanks so much for linking up :)


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