Polka dot skirts and sleepless nights

Monday, July 7, 2014

Tee: Loft
Skirt: J. Crew clearance last year; same available here from J. Crew Factory
Sandals: Sam Edelman

Being a mom means that you start to stop caring (or noticing) that your scarf is on lopsided, there's spit-up on your shirt, and that your hair hasn't been washed for 2+ days (thank God for dry shampoo). So if my outfit pictures seem different, that's why...and it's all worth it. Yesterday's mass outfit (linking up here) consisted of a postpartum friendly skirt (on wicked sale right now), one of my favorite tees (I had to buy a couple in a size bigger to accommodate the inevitable expansion from breastfeeding), and these sandals that were a postpartum pick-me-up (see Kayla's post for more).

There are so many things to figure out as a new parent and it often feels overwhelming. I'm the oldest of eight kids and a medical school graduate, but the fact that I really don't feel any more knowledgeable or prepared than the average new parent becomes more glaringly obvious each day. Our latest hurdle is sleeping. The only books that I read pre/early pregnancy were Ina May's birth book and the La Leche league breastfeeding book, so maybe I'm missing something glaringly obvious since I never read any books on new babies...but the last few nights have been rough. The funny thing is that it all started with his best night of sleep ever a few nights ago: two glorious 4 hour chunks with one feeding in between. Since the little guy has come a long ways from the fragile 6 pound 3 ounce that came home with us (I'm pretty sure he's pushing 10 pounds now, if not bigger) I thought maybe that night was the start of a new 'thing' but I was dead wrong.

I think I'm partially to blame for the sleep problems though...when we were packing our house to move, we noticed that little Stephen slept for much longer chunks during the day in his Rock n' Play sleeper than he did at night in his cosleeper. Fast forward to coming home from my brother-in-law's wedding when we got home late and decided to forego the cosleeper for a night...and it just never went up again since our little man seemed to love sleeping in his soft and comfy Rock n' Play. I had a nagging feeling though that it didn't really meet the standards that it should for safe sleep, and after a little googling last weekend found numerous pediatricians advice to NOT use it for overnight sleeping. So thus started the transition back to the cosleeper...and mostly sleepless nights.

So I'm off to the hospital now to do some mandatory prep before our central line certification tomorrow (being an intern on maternity leave means that I still have plenty of training and workshops to complete on my month off). I'm thankful today for strong coffee, and the little smiles that make the sleepless nights all worth it.


  1. You look so incredible! I'm loving your outfit, especially that skirt. I love me some polka dots :)

    I feel your pain with the sleeping struggle. I obviously haven't been there with my own yet, but I worked with infants at a daycare last year and it was rough. We had to keep them on somewhat of a schedule and it was always obvious whose parents let them sleep either on top of them or in a swing. It was heartbreaking to try and adjust them back to sleeping in a pack n' play per regulation! I know y'all will get through it though and it will all be worth it when he's sleeping hours and hours in a row :)

  2. Sorry to hear the sleep is elusive! I've noticed Kate is going through a growth spurt which is making her sleep wacky, so maybe it'll clear up soon? Prayers that it goes better soon!

  3. Love the skirt! And the shoes! And the scarf! Fine, the whole outfit. You look great!

    How old is Stephen now? I was just talking to some moms who said the 5/6 week mark saw some crazy sleep problems. I think Will was around 5 weeks when he would sleep in like 15 minute increments and made me wear him all day. I also had to transition him from his Rock n Play to his crib and I think swaddling helped. Sleep deprivation is the WORST! The WORST! It gets so much better, though, promise!

  4. Hang in there, girl! I found I could Google and read whatever I wanted about getting babies to sleep longer, or what was normal at what age, and it just seems to depend so much on the baby. When Hendrik started sleeping longer stretches, we still definitely had some blips here and there where he was waking more at night (growth spurts?) - so what I always tried to remember was that it's all a phase! It'll improve eventually.

    And the outfit: so cute! Love the skirt, and those sandals would be an excellent pick-me-up for anyone but I'm glad you get to enjoy them as a special treat :) They're great!

  5. Nice photos--I like the way-above-the head perspective.

  6. You look amazing, and that skirt is so cute! Love it!

    Sorry that sleep isn't going so well! The 6 week time frame has always been the roughest here too. Sending prayers up for you and hoping it gets better soon!

  7. Hopefully you guys will all get some good sleep on a regular schedule soon! You look great and that skirt is so cute!

  8. Hey Erika, I've followed your blog for a little bit but this is my first time commenting. Just wanted to say that A) you look gorgeous regardless of the lack of sleep and B) you're such an inspiration to other women in medicine. Starting residency with a brand new baby must be incredibly hard, but your little guy is going to be so proud of his momma. Thanks for sharing the beginning of your journey through motherhood and residency!


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  10. you are not alone in the sleep dept... let's just give you an update at our household. All 3 kids sleep in my room (!!!) and poor Mr. D is sleeping in the Hello Kitty pink bed spread (aka Isabel's room). we are working on it.... or let's just say, I am working on it. The kids sleep with me the first 1/3 of the night, until Derrick comes back and takes sleeping babes back to the their rooms and he sleeps next to me.

    but what can I do when the babes say: I want to sleep next to mommy???
    they are just so cute
    and i cannot say no....

    so there you go, still battling sleep issues here..


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