On white jeans, and intern year...

Friday, August 22, 2014

Headband: Urban Outfitters
Chambray: J. Crew
Jeans: J. Crew
Sandals: Sam Edelman

 1. Yesterday was Stephen Gabriel's (a.k.a. Junior's) 3 month birthday. Of course every mom says this, but I just can't get over how adorable and sweet he is...he's brought an incredible amount of joy into our lives during his very short existence. It's been harder than I ever anticipated being away from him, but on the bright side it makes me cherish all the time that I get to spend with him while I'm at home. It also makes me want to do a better job at work - if I have to be away from him, I want to be the very best doctor that I can be while I'm gone.

2. Intern year as a resident is incredibly difficult. The first week was so powerfully overwhelming that it's hard to put it into words. It's an immense responsibility, making decisions that affect other people's lives. And the entire first week was also an internal struggle for me, being away from the baby and quite honestly wondering at times why I ever decided to go to medical school. The last couple weeks have been an uphill climb though...I'm learning a lot and feel grateful that I've been able to take care of some patients that really needed it and also that Stephen Sr. is doing such a good job at home.

3. Next a disclaimer that tucked under my shirt in these pictures is a holter monitor. I've had problems with heart palpitations in the past (although not until I started medical school and took board exams ha) and they've returned with a vengeance. I'm almost 100% certain that it's from fatigue (emergency medicine residency may be better than some, but we're constantly switching shifts and working all kinds of weird hours) and stress, but after Stephen felt my wildly irregular pulse for the upteenth time he convinced me to go see a doctor. They take palpitations seriously after pregnancy, so holter monitor and echo it is.

4. These jeans. I credit them to Gigi, because she shared that there was some kind of crazy pricing going on at J. Crew and they were marked down to $15 (now sadly back to $115). I own one other pair of white jeans that now happily button but unfortunately have no stretch and are pretty low rise...and stretch plus a higher rise are the keys to comfortable jeans postpartum I've discovered. These are the other jeans I've been living in (I'm probably wearing them in any recent pictures on the blog where I have jeans on)...I found them on sale at Nordstrom Rack while I was still pregnant and they've been a lifesaver.

5. I've discovered that postpartum hair loss is really a thing. I thought that I was exempt because my hair did just fine for the first couple months postpartum, but it turns out that the three month mark is about where it starts. Hence the headband which is covering up an embarrassingly thin area near the front of my head...and since this headband actually stays on my rather large head and my hair is probably not growing back any time soon, I'm about to order two more.

6. I feel like my style has gone through a major change since I had little Stephen. I'm not as attracted to the recent arrivals at J. Crew (also partially due to the fact that my closet already has an overabundance of J. Crew/J. Crew factory) and instead have been gravitating towards drapey tops with fun prints like the ones I got recently from Stitch Fix (post here) and also more boho pieces like this kimono from Anthro (if it would only go on sale....way on sale).

7. Last but not least, I shared the first part of little Stephen's birth story here, and part two will be up on Monday.

Happy weekend! I'll be working all weekend, but this week marks the end of my first month of intern year, which is pretty darn satisfying. Linking with Jen.


  1. That outfit is just so cute and looks incredibly comfy! I can't wait to get a good pair of stretchy postpartum jeans. What a steal those J.Crew ones were!

  2. Love the headband! I also thought I wasn't going to lose my hair postpartum but like you said, three months rolled around and I was pulling handfuls out in the shower. It only lasted like a month or two, hope yours goes away soon!

  3. You are so beautiful, Erika and your style is amazing :) Jcrew style or drapey top!
    SG or SJ (?) is super cute. just want to kiss those cheeks...

    I am praying for you. it was super hard for me leaving my firstborn but it will get better. pinky promise.

  4. both of you look absolutely adorable. I'm glad to hear things are going great, even thought they're completely ridiculously busy. I can't even imagine.

  5. you look great and he is such a cutie!
    Good look with all that you have going on!

    Pay me a visit @ www.roothless-xo.blogspot.ca

  6. Yes, sorry about the hair - kicked in at 3 months postpartum, and I'm still dealing with the weird regrowth (at least I'm not losing so much of it any more). Humidity makes the wispy bits look real awesome... But YOU look awesome! Such a good go-to outfit because it includes all of my go-to items. Great find on the jeans - excited to see more of your evolving style though too :) And look at your big boy!!

  7. You and baby look gorgeous!

    And WHAT THE WHAT???? There's such a thing as postpartum HAIR LOSS?????????? (I've never been pregnant, so this is the first time I have ever ever heard of this!)

    Why does it happen, doc?


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