We're doing fine...

Friday, August 8, 2014

1. In case anyone has been wondering, we're doing just fine. I survived my first week as a real (resident) doctor, so did the boys, and so did my patients. The Stephens have had some serious bonding time in my absence:

And Stephen Jr. has apparently learned to watch baseball with his dad, ha.

2. In all seriousness though, it's been hard. There have been tears on more occasion than one, and I miss him desperately. Fortunately ER shifts are so incredibly busy and it's so powerfully overwhelming to all of the sudden carry the responsibility of a physician (even a baby one) that I haven't had much time to think about it. But when I leave to go pump breastmilk for him or I'm nearing the end of my shift and faced with staying late or I see a baby on my pediatric shifts, I miss him...really miss him.

3. But then I get to come home to this, and lots of baby snuggles, and the world is ok again.

4. I'm finally finished with his birth story (I think? No matter how much I tweak it, it doesn't feel like I'm doing justice to the momentous story of a new human coming into the world) and I'll hopefully be (over) sharing it on the blog...so if you're a fan of birth stories in all their glory (not ashamed to share the details) check back in the next week or so.

5. My brother got married two weeks ago and I fully intended to recap it on the blog...but one half-written draft post later, it's prob not gonna happen. I did share some pics over on the 'gram, and I can't help but share what Stephen Gabriel wore (full disclosure that this outfit that I was ridiculously excited about lasted all of 15 minutes and the rest of the night he was in the backup sleeper I packed). Anyways, at least we got some good pictures.

What Stephen and I wore (and what Stephen Gabriel really wore):

6. On another note, I tried Stitch Fix (that's my referral link...if you sign up, I get a small credit toward my next Stitch Fix if I decide to do it again, and you get your own referral link that you can pass on) for the first time.  If you've never heard of it, it basically involves filling out a style profile after you sign up and then paying a $20 styling fee to have 5 items shipped to you. I wasn't crazy about the fee, but it goes toward anything you end up keeping. I bit the bullet and signed up after talking to my cousin, who had a baby two months before me and said that it really helped her to find a few things that work for her during this crazy postpartum/breastfeeding time. Here's a sneak peak of the loveliness that was in my 'fix' and I'll share some reviews soon...

7. Last but not least, Freshly Picked so graciously sent the sweetest pair of baby moccasins for Stephen Gabriel aaaand they're giving away a pair of your choice to one lucky reader. You can find the review/givaway here

My shift tonight will round out close to 80 hrs in the emergency department this week, but this is my weekend off (we get one off per month) and I can't.wait. to spend it with my boys. Linking up with Jen.


  1. He just gets cuter and cuter in every single post!

  2. Is it weird that the little outfit with the bow tie makes me want to CRY?! It's just so cute it hurts. Enjoy your weekend off! You totally totally deserve it!

  3. Those cheeks- adorable! I've thought for a while about trying Stitch Fix, so I'm looking forward to reading about your experience w/ it. I recently came across this interesting link on Pinterest (this lady orders fixes every month and reviews them): http://www.mysubscriptionaddiction.com/category/stitchfix-reviews
    Have a great w/e off!

  4. Wow! Congratulations on finishing week one of residency! I'm sure it's exhausting but also fascinating. And I'm so glad that we have young Catholic doctors.

  5. Fist bump for finishing your first week!
    There will be lots of tears but it's all worth it once you get hugs from Stephen Sr. and cuddles with Stephen Jr.

    Can't wait for the birth story :)

  6. I felt the same way about writing the birth story - hard to put it all into words in the first place, let alone fit it into a blog post! But I'm looking forward to reading.

    Hope you had a great weekend off with the family and some good, happy memories to carry you through the next week of work.

    Also, that bow tie!!

  7. I'm so sorry you miss your baby so much at work, but you can DO IT! also it's so cute how he watches baseball with his dad haha



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