Guest post: A Minimalist Walks Into Target

Thursday, November 14, 2013

 I'm thrilled to have a guest post today by Laura while I'm traveling the Midwest for residency interviews. Laura is a Catholic mom and lawyer who blogs over at This Felicitious Life. I just love her style posts (and witty commentary) and find myself reading many of them more than once.

A Minimalist Walks Into A Target

My husband and I had a hot date a few Fridays ago.  The night’s excitement included a stop at Tropical Smoothie Café and a visit to Lowe’s to pick up a new bathroom door.  We topped off the evening with a jaunt to Target.  “It’s just to make a return,” I explained.  Once we arrived, though, I broke down and asked to browse.  My husband, Pat, acquiesced.  Romantics that we are, we went our separate ways, agreeing to meet up when Pat got bored. 

This trip to Target was different than any I had ever experienced before.  Over the past year, I’ve worked at streamlining my wardrobe.  I have an outfit for every day of the week, plus a just few extras for nicer occasions.

Everything mixes and matches.  I have everything I need, no more no less.  This Target trip was a first test, a maiden voyage, to prove my minimalist mettle.   

First, I browsed the accessories and admired some necklaces, but I already had one for each of my outfits.  My kids were sure to break one of my existing ones soon, I thought, and then I would have a real excuse to buy a new one.  So I moved on.

Next, the clothing: I already had a shirt for each day of the week.  I briefly considered buying a shirt I already had, in a second color, to replace another shirt that I like less.  But I realized that, being from Target, they both would need replacing next year, anyway.  Again, I moved on, this time to the cosmetics.

A trip to Target usually reveals previously unrealized wants and needs and desired. 

This was different.  This time, I didn’t need anything.

I didn’t even want anything.

I felt light, free, unburdened by materialistic excess.

And then . . .

I found a new lipstick.

Well played, Target.  Well played.  


  1. Ha ha, yep, Target will do that to you!

  2. No such thing as minimalist in Target!

  3. Agreed. Target always gets me -_-

  4. Good for on the other hand I would have bought a new necklace, new shoes, etc. I hope to be like you soon!

  5. "Well played," is right! I read the Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, per a review from your blog, and the part about Target was indeed interesting. Maybe you'll get some Target lipstick coupons in the mail soon. Great post.

  6. Good luck with your interviews, Erika!

    Laura, Target is to a woman like Lowes is to a man. You're a great couple to give each other time at their shopping mecca on the same trip. ;o)

  7. Love Target, I know what you mean you always find that little something you were not there for but you got to take it home. :)
    Great post!


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