On pregnancy brain and denim...

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sweater: J. Crew (old)/Vest: Gap/Boots: Hunter/Scarf: J. Crew Factory

It's a winter wonderland outside, and it's been nearly impossible for me to study for my boards (which are in a little over a week) with thoughts of Christmas and babies and life choices running through my head. I firmly believe that I do not have the pregnancy brain that everyone has told me about (they keep asserting that I will experience it if I haven't already) but maybe I can partly blame my distracted-ness on that?

I was sort of ecstatic that this sweater still fits, albeit different than before, despite all the bodily changes I've been experiencing. And this denim skirt probably deserves an entire separate post it's so wonderful. It's maternity and has an adjustable waistband! I have it pulled tight right now but it has plenty of room to grow for the entire pregnancy. The brand is Noppies and I think I found it on Amazon (sorry I can't find it anymore to link to...) Also thanks everyone for the maternity jeans suggestions! Old Navy seems to be the winner, so I'm going to have to try them. Their regular jeans never seem to fit me right but maternity clothes are a whole new ballgame so we shall see.

I went to Zumba again yesterday on a much-needed study break, and then Stephen and I hit up night mass after he got off work. Happy feast of Christ the King! Linking up with what I wore Sunday.


  1. Love your boots! And I'm a little jealous of your snow!


  2. You look so cute! Personally, I never got pregnancy brain until the end of my pregnancies.

  3. You look amazing. That jeans skirt will definitely come in handy. Good luck on the studying.



  4. very cute. Love a good vest and that scarf is a cute style. The striped sweater adds the little pop. a lovely outfit indeed.

  5. Hope everything keeps going well and good luck on your boards!


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