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Friday, June 20, 2014

I'm not sure how all you mommas find time to blog regularly (Grace, you are my hero) but I have all sorts of admiration for you. I've had so many post ideas bouncing through my head lately but every time I sit down and try to blog, baby Stephen wakes up or needs to eat or I get an email from my residency program with some really important thing that I need to address right now.

Here's some insta shots of life lately (for those of you who already follow, sorry that most of these are repeats).

1. The little guy's favorite way to be held, and favorite way to curl up on his arm (I'm convinced he looked just like this in-utero, only head down).

2. He changes every single day...he's starting to fill out his newborn clothes and can even wear some 3 month outfits, which makes me kind of nostalgic already (ha).

2 week glamour shot:

Can't resist this face...

One month birthday shot:

3. I cannot get over how incredibly wonderful Stephen (Sr.) has been. There's something indescribable about seeing the man that you love become a dad, and I feel like I love him in a deeper way now than ever before. I've also been surprised by the way that he's fulfilled the stay-at-home dad role while I've been at orientation. My always-super-macho man now gets excited about cooking dinner, folding laundry, and burping the baby. And I love it.

4. A few shots of the move. We did it, two-week-old in tow. We still have a lot of unpacked boxes but at this point we've found most of the essentials. We love, love our new house which is only two blocks away from the hospital.

5. I also somehow made it to Stephen's brother's wedding, which was a 9 hour drive away (actually 12 hours on the way back when baby Stephen decided to rebel against the car seat) and happened to be the weekend before I started orientation (call me crazy and you're probably right). I had decided to stay home for the sake of both me and baby (bringing a baby around that many people made me all kinds of anxious) but at the last minute changed my mind. I felt like it was important for me to go and support Stephen (I've been thinking a lot about the importance of being there for my husband despite our new baby and residency), and I have no regrets despite the craziness. I even wore a bridesmaid dress, safety pinned on since I had decided to order three sizes bigger than normal just to be safe.

6. Another benefit to the wedding - Stephen Gabriel met great-grandma for the first time. Isn't she precious? They were beyond thrilled to meet each other.

7. In case you've missed it, I've had some lovely ladies guest post while I've been away from blogging:
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Stay tuned for guest posts from Kallah, Mary, and Regina.

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  1. Your baby is absolutely beautiful. :) I just love the newborn stage! Congratulations, and good for you for daring to go to the wedding!

  2. he is so cute and small. Cant get over how cute he is.

  3. You look beautiful, and that is one CUTE child!!

  4. You look gorgeous! You are absolutely glowing, and I love your wedding attire. Stephen is sooo darn little and adorable!

  5. You look beautiful at the wedding! And your baby is so cute. Good luck with the start of residency!

  6. Beautiful pictures! Glad you're doing well. And it's so great that you'll be living only two blocks from the hospital!

  7. What a sweetie! Love the photo with great grandma - so sweet to see your family meet your little one, isn't it? And his shirt!!

  8. Such an adorable wittle face!!

  9. How nice to live so close to the hospital! Also, I really admire what you said in your last post about just doing something that needs to be done. I've worked w/ people with young families who had 6 day/ week schedules with some 15 hour days, and I would wonder "how on earth can they function?!", as I was exhausted from my measly 3 days/ week. But I realized they needed those hours and they just made it work. It's inspiring to see you live out your vocation as wife, mother, and MD!
    And how sweet that your little guy was able to meet his great-grandma!


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