The best Target shopping trip ever...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I'm just going to call this morning the best Target shopping trip ever. One of my sisters is home from college for winter break and after running into Target the other day (and seeing lots of polka dots, chambray, and lace) we decided to make a date to go back for Target clothes shopping. I can not believe their clothes right now. Let's just say that I already spent my clothing budget for the month (although I got a lot for the price) and I probably would have come home with all of these items if I could have!

Sky blue shirt with tiny ivory polka dots

Ivory lace + blush (and wool socks...yikes)

Stripe blazer (J. Crew look-a-like)

Aqua/navy polka dots (J. Crew look-a-like)
Faded chambray shirt (Target had 3 great chambray shirts!)
Turquoise high-low skirt
Perfect white shirt + burgundy pants
I came home with the polka dot shirts (I am now officially banning myself from buying anything else with polka dots) and the two skirts. A few of these items are available online (tops here, skirts here) but if I were you, I'd run to your nearest Target. The best part? A lot of these items look J. Crew-isc for a fraction of the price...
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  1. I'm loving Target's clothes right now too! And the prices aren't too bad :)


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