The end of surgery and a navy blazer...

Friday, April 26, 2013

Joining Jen for Friday Quick Takes.

1. My surgery rotation is over and done and I can finally breath a sigh of relief. We had our surgery oral exam last night, which was every bit as bad as it sounds. In fact, it was one of my worst moments in medical school so far. I passed, but I felt like I completely choked and I would never, ever want to repeat that hour of my life. Maybe I will write about it sometime, but it is way too fresh in my memory right now to share the painful details...

2. On to better and happier things. I have a week off! Stephen is working most of it, so I'll be visiting these ladies for a couple days and I'm beyond excited.

3. I've been on the hunt for a navy blazer for awhile but couldn't seem to find one for a reasonable price...until I found this one! It's from Lands End, and I never shop there, but it was on sale for $29.99 + an extra 30% off so I decided to give it a try. The sizes were slim picking so I had to order a 6Tall, which is a size smaller than my normal 8 and I also never order anything in tall, but the reviews said it ran big and short. I was shocked when it fit! I kind of love it, it's this comfy knit material that is still sort of dressy. I also think it says J. Crew all over it (for a fraction of the price).

4. I really can't believe that I'm sharing this, but Stephen took this picture without me realizing it this week. Apparently I look very intense and kind of angry when I study (at least when I study surgery).

5. Stephen made me breakfast multiple times over the last week while I was stressing over surgery and I love, love this pancake that he made me in the shape of a heart (no pun intended). He has been so supportive and I'm grateful every day for him (it's not easy being the spouse of a medical student, especially when they are freaking out over their surgery exams).

6. My sister-in-law and little nephew came to visit last week. Isn't he the cutest thing ever? Also, in case you can't read it, his onesie says that he loves his auntie.

7. J. Crew Factory is having a 50% off everything sale in store this weekend. If I had a J. Crew Factory store near me I'd be there in a heartbeat (so it's probably a good thing that the closest one is at least six hours away). If I did have one nearby, I'd probably look for this:

Factory ikat sequin tank
Printed ikat tank

or this:

Factory stripe always cardigan
Stripe cardigan

or maybe this:

Factory printed pencil skirt in stretch cotton
Floral pencil skirt

Happy, happy weekend!


  1. congrats on being done with surgery! thank goodness i never had to do any oral exams during med school...i would have freaked out majorly! i'm also very thankful that family medicine and sports medicine don't have oral boards! i'm not cut out for that kind of pressure! enjoy your week off!!

  2. Ha...I had a student (that I do not know or teach, btw) stop me in the hall today and tell me "you look really angry"--so apparently my patrolling-the-halls face is an angry one as well! :) Have a great weekend!

  3. Woo, you're done with surgery!

    I love all the clothes you've highlighted in this post. LOVE!

  4. My husband always looks angry when he's at the computer writing surgery notes. I've learned to give it no thought! :)

  5. Ummmm, just got back from the JCrew outlet myself... I could have gone crazy, but I didn't really; we went there to get Dave new work slacks anyway ;) I LOVE your navy blazer! I was checking out all the blazers at JCrew today but they were still way expensive at 50% off, but that Lands End blazer looks amazing, for an amazing price! I'll have to check it out!

    1. Oh I am so jealous that you got to hit the outlet for the 50% off sale! The J. Crew blazers are crazy expensive, I do have a couple from there but I got them waaaay at the end of season marked down. The Lands End one is great :)

  6. Love that blazer! And I've had my eye on that cute JCrew tank for while. Good think there's not a store nearby! Enjoy your week off!

  7. congrats on being done with surgery. I remember an oscii i had and i just about died from nerves. Loving the blazer.


  8. Oh man, that blazer. I want it. I already have a Lands End Blazer but it's corduroy, thrifted, and I wear it a lot but it's not quite right . . . Now I'm really tempted. And I hope any surgeon I ever go to was as intent as you when he/she was studying! ;-)

  9. Oral exams are still a thing? Terrifying! Congrats on being done with surgery! Enjoy your return to real life! :)

  10. The blazer looks great. Land's End is sort of a secret gem, I think. They've really changed in recent years. I order from there fairly regularly (all my swim stuff, for sure), they have great, frequent sales, and some of their stuff is SO stylish and cute. Right now I am dying--DYING!--for their navy and white polka dot "Parker" wedge slingbacks (OMG so cute). Their Canvas line is even more J. Crew-ish (and also more expensive than their regular clothes). I have a pair of skinny pink cords from Land's End Canvas from this past winter (got them on sale), and they are AWESOME. The other great thing about L.E. is that their stuff is guaranteed for life. Like, you can wear something for years, have something go wrong with it (not that this happens often, but you know...things happen), and they will take it back and give you a refund. Seriously. I just returned a swimsuit bottom from last summer that got a sunscreen stain on it (I maintained that swimsuit material should not get stained from sunscreen), and my husband has returned something that was years and years old and finally the zipper was broken. OK, done with Land's End commercial. :)


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