What I Wore Wednesday: gondola stripes and sweet coral

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Last week was sadly devoid of outfit posts for me. My days in surgery were long and spent in scrubs (obv), and I just could not muster up the energy to put on an outfit and look semi-presentable when I got home (and is that sort of cheating anyways since I didn't actually wear the outfit that day?) 

Speaking of long surgery days, I was looking over my surgery syllabus yesterday and stumbled on this: "In all cases, student schedules will be planned so that they have no more than 28 hours of continuous responsibilities, and students must be excused after 28 hours. In rare cases, the student may choose to continue working beyond 28 hours on an active case with overriding educational value; this is allowable." To set the record straight, I have not worked 28 hours in a row (yet). But really, first of all a 28 hour consecutive hour shift seems a little extreme to me. And second of all, I don't think that I could get any educational value after working more than 16 hours, let alone 28.

And on to more interesting things, this is my new favorite top. It's the J. Crew Factory version of last year's retail Gondola stripe top. I admit that I thought it was a weird shirt/color combo when it first came out (it remotely reminded me of the circus), but when I saw it on the Factory site it kept growing on me. I also have absolutely nothing navy/orange or silk in my closet so I think it was justified (along with the fact that I found it 30% off sale price). I've been wearing it to work with grey trousers and the navy cardi, but it's definitely more fun with white skinnies.

Silk stripe top: J. Crew Factory
Cardi: Target
White skinnies: J. Crew Factory
Flats: Madewell
Necklace: J. Crew Factory

And another one. I actually wore this out (rare occasion) for one of my fellow medical student's birthdays. These are my tried and true vegan leather (pleather) boots and a fun (and wonderfully huge) scarf that I found at Target recently. Also, if you are searching for the perfect cardigan, this is it. I only wish that I could find the other colors on sale like I found this coral one (it went on sale, then sold out, and is now back full price). 

Cardi (in Sweet Coral): Madewell
Scarf: Target (recent)
Jeans: Loft outlet
Boots: old, this year's version

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  1. Erika, how do the Factory white skinnies fit? I've ogled them before, and I don't have any white pants so am kind of coveting these. Are they true to size, or do you need to size up? Are they stretchy enough? Just curious. :)

    1. Hi Shannon! I go with the larger of my two pant sizes and they fit well, with a little extra room (which is how I like my skinny jeans). They have stretch in them but don't overly stretch out(no sagging, which I hate). White pants are perfect for spring/summer too :)

  2. I love your outfits! The coral cardigan and scarf is my fav. :)

    Found you via Shanna's linkup!

    xo – Sheila
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  3. Oh yeahhhh love the navy/reddish striped top! I have the one from JCrew from last year (mine is more of a red), and it has special meaning to me because I wore it when I rocked my job interview ;) I am obsessed with Madewell so I will definitely be keeping my eyes out for a sale on that cardi. Rock on stylish sista!

  4. Let me just say, you are adorable. And I love white pants. A lot of people are afraid to wear them because they apparently make you look bigger. Meh... whatever. They're great, and you did an awesome job with them! And that huge scarf is fantastic. You look like you're reeeeally happy in all of these :) (That's a good thing. It means you look natural!)

  5. Loving your outfit. I never understand how they think that working 24 hrs in a row is normal. I don't know how our OB's do it. I know they get some down time, but sometimes they don't. I can barely function after 12 hrs.



  6. so much to say.

    i've wanted white jeans for so long but I know they'll look horrible on me. BOO. they look really great on you.

    28 hours. kill me.

    I LOVE THAT SCARF. gimme gimme gimme.

  7. I have that striped top too and I love it. Love everything about how you styled it. And that scarf in the second outfit is gorgeous!

  8. 28 hours? Dang. And then you can choose to work longer, but they can't force you to? Well that's might nice of them. My husband occasionally gets asked to work 16 hour shifts (he's a nurse) and that's plenty long enough, I'd say!

  9. Love these outfits. You're looking great. :)


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