What I Wore Wednesday

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


So far, this is not my favorite week. Monday was surgery clinic, which basically means 8 hours of "butts and guts" (the fond phrase describing much of general surgery) and weird lumps in weird places (which I admit can be sort of interesting). Tuesday was our research presentation day. Our research project did not go so smoothly, particularly our data collection, and I honestly thought that my project partner was going to stroke out right before we presented. And once we finished the presentation and thought we were home free, one of our administrators walked into the room and told us that our medical school had decided to give us a surprise test on research methods right then and there. Not a good surprise. I think my last 'pop quiz' was in 9th grade.

So anyways, let's talk about better things, like this Aztec sweater. I would say that in general I gravitate more towards classic preppy pieces (J. Crew) than trends, but I've fallen head over heels for geometric and tribal prints. Also, my dad actually complimented me on this sweater. I can't remember the last time (if ever) that my dad noticed anything that I was wearing so this sweater must really have something going for it.

Cardi: Urban Outfitters (color sold out), another almost identical one
Shoes: Madewell (I wish that I could own them in every color)

And to try to make up for our mediocre research project, I wore my favorite sweater for our presentation. If I could keep only one top in my entire closet, it would be this one. I've worn it way too many times to count since I got it last year. I layered it over a ruffly button-up top that I looooove but is way old and starting to look a little shaggy. Also, I blame my research project induced-stress for my frazzled hair (and the dark circles that Stephen commented on when he got home from work).

 Sweater: J. Crew (old), similar-ish options here and here
Shirt: J. Crew Factory (old), similar here
Pants: Loft clearance (old)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson via TJ Maxx (old)

 Apparently Katie Holmes agrees that this sweater is the best. Also I'm sure that this is the only item I own that resembles anything in Katie Holmes closet.

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

Happy Wednesday! Is it the weekend yet?


  1. So pretty! I'm with you on trendy prints generally, but I really like that Atec print too.

  2. Nice outfit. nice pop of color :)
    I wore my lite pink cords from ON today and so far got compliments. way to go doctor :)

  3. I love the cardigan so much, it is amazing and it looks great with the coloured jeans.

  4. That's a hilarious term, never heard it before. My first job was on a gen. Surg. Unit and yep- butts and guts! Love both of these outfits. The first sweater looks so great paired w/ those colored skinnies! Hope the rest of your week is less crazy!

  5. I have a tribal sweater that I just love too. I haven't paired with red pants yet though!, GReat idea!

  6. I love how you styled both of those sweaters. The tribal one looks great with the red pants.

  7. Love your outfits! the Aztec print cardigan is so cute and I love your polka dot sweater! Hope you have a better rest of the week!



  8. Love your outfits, especially the polka dot top. Perfect. I'm a nurse and I relate to the crazy and weird things you have to do. Hope you passed the pop quiz and did good on the project.



  9. I have that sweater. and now Im going to copy you.

    hopefully I'll never be a copycat when it comes to pop quizes though. youch.

  10. She must have seen one of your posts and gone out to get one the same! Love hearing about the trials of your days and OMG what a great dad. Thanks for sharing with us at WW xo

  11. You are so cute!! I love your style. And that sweater! :)

  12. I love the black and white aztec sweater paired with tangerine colored skinnies. That has always been a favorite combo of mine. :)



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