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Friday, August 9, 2013

Joining Jen for another round.

1. First things first, I found these incredible heels on sale at Zara for $29.99. I'm not a heels girl (I only own two other pairs) but I am a leopard-print girl (and yes, it is a neutral...because Rachel Zoe says so). These heels are only just over two inches high and comfy as far as heels go. They are also kind of reminiscent of these absurdly priced J. Crew ones (but I like mine better).

2. Now on to the actual important things that happened this week. Last week is still a blur of clinic and exams and packing and residency applications and sleep deprivation. Last Sunday morning, I woke up completely spent and wondering how I was going to drive myself 11+ hours to St. Louis for my rotation starting Monday. Well God knows, and as I was walking out the door to leave, my mom called saying that she had found a one-way ticket back to Michigan with her travel miles and she was going to help me drive me to St. Louis. It still kind of makes me tear up thinking about it...

3. And this gorgeous sunset was towards the end of our drive...I sort of felt like it was a sign of what lies ahead as I start my month of OB-GYN at Mercy and make big life decisions between OB/GYN and emergency medicine...

4. As for St. Louis, it's been a busy week and given me a glimpse into the life of an OB/GYN resident. I knew that the hours were bad and they really were as bad as I imagined. A little ironic, but we had a lecture on resident fatigue this week with the OB/GYN program director. Basically it gave tips on surviving (one slide included all the caffeine products available: chocolate-covered coffee beans win for potency and have you ever heard of these?) and reaffirmed that residents really are fatigued (at levels almost equivalent to people with narcolepsy...scary). Also they spend very, very little of their time sleeping or with family/friends (surprise, surprise). 

5. But onto the positive: my rotation is focused on intrapartum care (i.e. births) and I've really enjoyed working with the women on Labor and Delivery. Each patient's experience is so unique and I just love being a part of it. I did a solo delivery last night (sort of accidentally, apparently the attending physician thought that I was a resident...but all's well that ends well) and I'm still on a high...

6. I'm still a little weirded out that the hospital cafeteria here has sushi...but at the same time I really want to try it.

7. Stephen and I are meeting halfway this weekend just outside of Chicago. This week apart hasn't been that bad since I've known that we would see each other this weekend, but I'm dreading the next few weeks (and the thought of not being together on our first anniversary). For now though, I'm just happy that we get to spend the weekend together. 

Super cheesy pic of us that I love, love, love
Happy Friday!


  1. Of course leopard's a neutral! Enjoy your time with Stephen this weekend!!

  2. Leopard print is totally a neutral! You can wear it with anything (except Zebra striped). Best wishes for a wonderful OB/Gyn Experience. Is Camp Patton going to be nearby?

  3. Love those shoes!! Can't beat that price. And that pic is just adorbs. Enjoy your weekend! :)

  4. Those hours sound....insane. Bless your soul (and woot woot for delivering!)

  5. I love those pumps!!! I want a pair!

    Have fun on your Ob rotation.... Excited to hear more updates of your deliveries and procedures.

  6. I think you have your mom's smile! Re: #4--why do residents have to work such long hours? Do you know the reasoning behind it? I just don't get it. The US has crazy-high c-section rates, many docs won't do VBACs, won't do twins or breech except by c-section, etc., in part b/c of the malpractice risk (as I understand it), and yet having young docs practicing medicine under severe sleep deprivations seems to be malpractice waiting to happen. This probably is not the right topic for a com box, but I do wonder . . .

  7. Oh I am so glad you get to spend time with your hubs this weekend. Being apart is rough. And oh my word...sushi does not thrive anywhere but a good Japanese Steakhouse or the coast but I will be the first to confess I have stopped as low as buying it at Kroger...oy.


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