Quick Takes: Baby showers + last exam of med school

Friday, March 28, 2014

I feel like the blog has been a little neglected of late, in the whirlwind of residency matching and as this baby grows faster than I can even believe. Pulling it together today though to link up with Jen.

1. Our first baby shower was two weeks ago, and it was lovely. My mom and sisters hosted and I was just blown away by how generous everyone was. This little baby is so very loved already! 

Sorry for the grainy iPhone pics, sadly I forgot to take out our nice camera...

Handsome Just Like My Daddy:

With my youngest sister:

All the sisters:

 2. And baby shower number two (last weekend at my mother-in-law's house 7 hours away) was small and sweet, and extra fun because Stephen got to be there (he was working during our first one).

 One of my best friends, who happens to be due in August:

 With my Mom:

 And mother-in-law:

Guess this baby is going to be a doctor like his mommy (love this bib!):

Or else a firefighter like his daddy:

3. I have to share this lovely scarf that my sister got me as a gift, which is seriously cute and doubles as a nursing cover:

4. We have most of the main things now that were on our list for the little guy, and our next task is to wash all his little clothes (just found out that apparently we need to use special detergent?) and organize everything. Everyone keeps talking about the nesting thing, but it hasn't really hit me yet...hoping it will soon because we have a lot to get done. 

5. And I guess this is what 33 weeks looks like. I was feeling pretty great...until yesterday. This morning I was up for the day at 4:30 a.m. because of leg cramps and today I'm nauseous, feeling huge, and super tired. I still have 7 weeks until my due date, so I feel like I don't really have a right to complain. I'm hoping this is temporary and related to our long car trip last weekend, lots of stress over Match Day, and studying for my exam this morning. I also have been off my elliptical trainer because of cramping (it and prenatal pilates were previously my saving grace) so I think that is part of the problem...for now I'm stuck with silly third trimester pregnancy workout DVDs that mostly involve sitting in a chair.

6. Today I took my last exam EVER as a medical student...it feels kind of surreal. I almost didn't make it to the exam because of the snow that piled up last night; this was what I woke up to:

I actually got stuck trying to get out of our unplowed street and ended up driving in reverse down our entire street like a crazy women...but there was no way I was postponing my last exam of med school.

7. And lastly, I posted a few things from my closet for sale yesterday. They are all nice things that I just haven't been wearing and don't need to move with me...I'm planning on adding a few more items over the next week (including a couple new maternity things that didn't work for me).

Happy weekend! Stephen and I will be going to a labor class all day tomorrow and hopefully starting to get the nursery in order :)


  1. You look great! Sorry you are starting to feel off, just comes with the territory I guess. Just try and take it easy physically! You don't need me to tell you though. You're the doctor ;)

    Also, no to the special detergent. I just used regular Gain with an extra rinse. He was fine so I no longer even do an extra rinse. It'll be fine!

    Love that scarf! I saw a woman at church nursing in the pew with one of those. I may have been the only person who knew she was nursing! I have a bebe au lait one that is great bc I can see him easily but now that we are better at nursing I might see about getting me one of those!

  2. You're so adorable! ALL those sisters! I'm curious about your match - what part of the country will be your new home? (if you don't mind sharing with a random blog lurker). *hugs* Heather

  3. Congrats on your last exam of med school! can't wait to see the little guy!

  4. Oh my goodness, that is a crazy amount of snow for late March! Congrats on making it to and taking your final exam!

  5. Ohhhh....How sweeet....and many congrats for your last exam in med school. I am so exited to see new born baby.

  6. I got myself that scarf! It has worked out really well for us. You're going to love it :)


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