What I Wore Sunday + 33 weeks

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Scarf: Etsy
Shirt: Target maternity
Skirt: J. Crew

I just realized that today's outfit is reeeallly similar to this one. Oh well...my continuously dwindling wardrobe definitely makes it easier to decide what to wear. 

The priest at mass tonight (who I just love...he always gives the baby a blessing when I go up for communion) encouraged us to think back on our lives to moments where we really felt God's presence, look back on these moments with gratitude, and keep them in mind as times of light when we feel like we are facing darkness. I thought that was really beautiful, and I guess I have some soul-searching to do. A couple times that immediately came to my mind were the missions to Ecuador that I did at Franciscan and our wedding day.

I can't believe that we are 33+ weeks. It still seems surreal that we'll meet our little guy in just a few more weeks. I feel like his little personality shows more and more...he is incredibly active (he contorts my stomach into some crazy shapes) and he always moves around more when there is music (he's actually been doing this since 24-ish weeks)...he hates when I cross my arms over my belly (tries to kick them off) or lean my stomach against pretty much anything. Despite how excited we are to meet him, I think I'll miss him in my belly a little...but I won't miss the awful leg cramps, heartburn, or anxiety (although I hear it only gets worse when they are out in the real world).

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  1. You look so fantastic! Can't wait to see the little bugger!

  2. You look radiant. I love the scarf. Just hang in there!

  3. Well, the anxiety doesn't get easier...but the leg cramps do go away! I'm not looking forward to those again! :) You looks great...getting close!

  4. You are so beautiful! And our little guy is the same way- always kicks me when my arms are resting on my belly lol I guess they want all the room they can get at this point :)

    And Ecuador - Love - Always!

  5. He will be here so soon - you are still glowing :)

  6. I love the gray striped maxi skirt. I bought a similar maxi dress recently and am excited to wear it. The scarf adds some nice color too...hmmm blue for boy? :)

  7. Great skirt! I almost got one like that a few weeks ago at Target (non-maternity), but it had a slit up the side that I did not like. I exchanged it for a non-slit one that isn't quite wide enough for me to walk easily. It might be going back, too. Oh, maxi skirts.

  8. Gorgeous scarf! You have such a great style :)


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