23 weeks + what I wore Sunday

Monday, January 20, 2014

A few pregnancy updates: 23 weeks and he apparently is the size of a grapefruit or an eggplant and as long as a green onion. He moves around constantly, which I love (maybe I won't love it as much when he starts kicking me in the ribs). I've gained about 10-12 pounds and even though the baby was a small-ish 19th percentile on his 20 week scan, I'm positive he's had a growth spurt since then. I had a really easy second trimester until I ended up in the hospital with the flu at 19.5 weeks, and I feel like it's kind of been downhill from there. I still have sinus drainage and a sore throat (although whether the sore throat is from the sinus issues or the awful acid reflux I've been having is up in the air). I'm also overwhelmingly tired which I thought wasn't supposed to happen in the second trimester? But it started with the flu and hasn't gone away and now that I'm just a few weeks away from the third trimester, I guess I'm resigned to it just being part of the pregnancy.  Also sleeping has started to be difficult...I'm a diehard stomach sleeper which is not working out so well anymore. I'm contemplating getting one of those pregnancy pillows to keep me on my side...but enough complaining. 

We did have a little scare last week where I started having intermittent cramping. I gave it an hour and a half and then called my doctor, who sent me to the OB floor. They monitored the baby, who looked just fine, and monitored me for signs of labor progression. Fortunately the cramping stopped after about 3 hours...but I've kind of been ill-at-ease since then. Part of the problem is that I know too much (influenza A puts pregnant moms at a higher risk of pre-term labor). They did do another ultrasound at the hospital and got the most beautiful profile of our little babe:

In other news, I *think* I'm done with residency interviews (I still have one more scheduled but will probably cancel). I haven't written much about it partly because I was struggling internally with my decision and partly because I'm leery to put anything on the blog until my rank list is due at the end of next month (in the off chance that some program should stumble on my little corner of the internet). I definitely will share more about it when the time is right. I think that my decision (which is really just as much Stephen's decision - he's been so supportive) for my top four or five programs is pretty much made, which is exciting but frightening all at the same time. I also got my Step 2 boards score last week, which far exceeded any of my expectations and I'm just thanking God and St. Gianna because I know that I couldn't have done it on my own.

On to what I wore Sunday (linking up here). I probably changed my outfit three times yesterday, sigh. But neutrals are always a good decision, and tops that drape in the right places are a lifesaver while my body changes in ways I didn't know it could. This top was a deal of the week at veryjane.com, and even though it isn't maternity it's long enough to work right now. It does have dolman sleeves, which I didn't realize when I ordered it and have always thought look sort of like bat wings...but it was cheap enough and fits well enough that I'll accept the bat wings. Funny sidenote about mass yesterday that when I knelt I felt like I barely had enough room between the kneeler and the pew in front of me for my uterus (which apparently is almost the size of soccer ball). Even funnier since I know it's about to get much bigger....

 Infinity scarf: J. Crew (old)
Denim skirt: Noppies via Amazon (but I should have waited because I spotted a perfect maternity one on thredup.com)
Boots: Frye


  1. Aweee this is beautiful!!! Enjoy every minute of your pregnancy, wish you all the best.
    You look amazing btw. :)
    Take care
    Love these posts. :)

  2. Cute! I remember changing my clothes a lot at this point too - it's a bit in-between on figuring out that bump still :) And that ultrasound profile is beautiful indeed.

  3. You're so adorable. Good luck with your ranking and decision making regarding residency. I'm confident you will pick the perfect place for you, the husband and the little babe. Good luck!

  4. Love the sonogram! Good luck with the residency decisions, and congrats on the step 2 scores! :)

  5. Yay! I must have been in a black hole for the last few weeks because I dont think I congratulated you yet on your pregnancy :) Glad the scare was nothing much...gosh pregnancy is just one big worry for 9 months isnt it!? You look great!

  6. Love the whole look! You look beautiful!


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