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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I'm in this awkward phase at 23 weeks/5 days where my noticeable bump isn't quite right for some maternity clothes but very little of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe looks or fits right (including my ultra-warm winter coat which is getting ridiculously tight over the belly but I refuse to give up in this arctic weather). Also a disclaimer that I didn't want to turn this blog into all things baby/maternity...but blogs follow the relevant things in our lives I guess. Before I was pregnant I *mostly* ignored blogs that went the baby/maternity way but now I've been eating them up and many of the blogs I followed religiously pre-pregnancy have gone unread for months...

Anyways, on to what I've been wearing lately:

1. J. Crew Maternity Minnie (non-maternity version): I purchased a pair of these at 30% off early in the pregnancy. They are definitely a splurge, but I think will end up being worth it because of how much I've worn them. The best part about these pants is that they worked for me in the first trimester before I gained any weight but my normal pants were uncomfortable against my sensitive stomach, and they still work now as I approach the end of the second trimester. I wore these to lots of pre-interview residency dinners and they're great for everyday too. I also think I'll be wearing them post-partum (thanks to the versatile side panels). The burgundy color is gorgeous.

2. J. Brand Mama J jeans: My other maternity splurge (and I don't plan to splurge on anything else...not worth it for clothes that can be worn only temporarily). These were worth it since I literally tried tons of other maternity jeans which either slipped right down (those darn over-belly panels), didn't fit right, or looked like mom jeans (no pun intended). These jeans are practically better than my pre-pregnancy jeans and the side panels are so much better for jeans than the over-belly ones (at least for me). These are also something that I should be able to wear the rest of the pregnancy and afterward.

3. J. C. Penney wide leg trousers: These were a Christmas gift from my mom and I love them. They fit perfectly, the panel is comfy and doesn't slip, and they look like my pre-pregnancy work pants. I wore them with my suit blazer to my last few residency interviews and I wear them to the clinic constantly. Actually, I wore them 6 days in a row last week (I did wash them in between) because they are just so darn comfortable.

4. Stretchy long sleeve tees: The striped one is from Gap (non-maternity version) and the solid is from Motherhood (I own four of them - buy one get one free). These tees are nice and long and have been a wardrobe staple for me. The Gap one is arguably my favorite maternity shirt and the solid ones prompted my sisters to ask if they were J. Crew (they are a maternity replica of the J. Crew gold button painter tee).

5. Non-maternity staples: I owned lots of open cardis before pregnancy which has definitely come in handy (I own and recommend these J. Crew Factory ones). The grey tunic sweater is from Vicky's and a great length for leggings with plenty of room for a preggo belly (these run huge - I originally ordered one size up and had to exchange since Stephen said they looked like a tent). 

I'm sure that as I grow some of my staples will change (one of my friends told me that to enjoy the 'cute belly' stage before it gets huge) but I'm happy for now that most of these are similar to what I wore pre-pregnancy and super versatile to mix and match.

Linking it up with Hallie on this frigid Wednesday morning.

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