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Friday, January 24, 2014

This past week was not my favorite week. It started off by an email saying that fourth year medical students don't have spring break this year (although first, second, and third year students do) which put a sad end to our well-planned and almost-booked babymoon to Florida in March. I'm embarrassed to say that I almost cried (preggo hormones? or not) and maturely proclaimed that I would probably never go on a vacation again (residency + babies + life). Next was an announcement that both senior surgery oral exams and our powerpoint presentation was moved up a week (with two days notice). And what followed was a lot of little things gone wrong, which don't really matter but weren't well-received by my already cruddy week (and I know that I shouldn't complain since nothing truly bad happened and there are people with so much worse things to worry about). Add to the mix some crazy pregnancy dreams and residency decisions that I'm not quite ready to make looming over my head.

Anyways, joining Jen for some Friday quick takes.

1. Possibly the highlight of my week (shows you what kind of week I had), these cookies. I found them by googling "chocolate chip cookie recipes with one egg" but they also come up under "best chocolate chip cookies ever." Anyways, they're so.good. Stephen even said they're the best he's ever tasted (high praise coming from him).

2. Some good and not-so-good dinner attempts lately: Stephen and I made this honey pretzel chicken together and it's amazing (easy too!)

And I made this meatloaf the other night. It was my first attempt at meatloaf, which seems easy enough to make, but it was absolutely terrible (just as bad as my attempt at pot roast). That's what I get for googling "easy meatloaf recipes."

3. I was deeply moved by this post by Dwiija. Absolutely beautiful and great food for thought for pregnant moms.  

4. I just love Princess Kate (I can't get enough of her classy outfits and gorgeous hair) and rather enjoyed this article entitled "Kate Middleton is just as awkward as the rest of us" (although looking at the pictures I kind of disagree).  

5. Some super sweet reader nominated me for a Sheenazing Award (love that these are named for Fulton Sheen) for Coolest Blogger. You can vote (and check out a bunch of better bloggers) here

6. I am officially 24 weeks today, which is unbelievably exciting because it's widely considered the point of viability, so this little guy has a decent chance of survival outside the womb. Funny story this week, apparently my 11 year old sister Maria came home super upset when her friend from home school group claimed that one of the moms from our church (pregnant with her fourth) who is 9 weeks behind me is "waay bigger than your sister." Maria was apparently very defensive, but I took it as a compliment since I'm starting to feel pretty big (although I will admit that I went home and measured my uterus to make sure it was on target #medstudentissues).

7. How cute is this onesie that my sister Ilsa sent me? Stephen wants it.

This is a big weekend: Sean and Catherine's wedding and the Grammy's (more dresses!). Who else will be watching?!


  1. I will be watching Sean and Catherine's wedding FOR SURE!!!!!!! It's seriously not possible to measure my excitement! Watching the Bachelor and the Bachelorette are SERIOUS vices for me. But I still can't get over the fact that they are showing the wedding LIVE! Seriously, that is sooooooo not like ABC. How are they going to create drama?

    1. I know, I can't believe the wedding is live!! I am super addicted to the Bachelor/Bachelorette despite the ridiculousness.

  2. omg, #6 is hilarious!!! what cutie pie :) And total compliment!

  3. So sorry about the no spring break. When you're planning on something, it is such a disappointment. Yuck :(

    Your cookies look delicious, and you're as cute as ever!

  4. I love dress season! Ever go on Tom & Lorenzo? They're totally crass and live a veeeeery different lifestyle than I do, but their dress analysis cannot be beat. Also: best onesie ever!

  5. Oh noooooo they removed spring break from M4's?! What a bummer, seriously. I think it's a mentally stressful year since so much hangs in the balance. I hope next week is a much smoother ride!

    1. Awww thanks Chantelle! I'm sure that next week will be better. And enjoy spring break if you have it this year!

  6. Ugh Im so sorry about the baby moon :( Oh and Kate Middleton is my style icon! I wish more women would look to her instead of freaking Miley Cyrus for inspiration. Great blog-Im a physicians wife and its nice to see your perspective.

  7. So sorry about the med school stuff...boo. I wanted to leave you a link to an awesome meatloaf recipe. Seriously, it's delish. Everyone I've made it for has loved it. Good luck! :)


  8. Me too!!! The wedding was pretty awesome. Beautifully done. Could have probably done without the 1+ hour of shock/disbelief/build-up on how they were "saving themselves for marriage", but, on the other hand, they are a pretty cool witness to that ideal. Oh, and enough of the "grown sexy" -- it makes me groan! ;)


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