Quick Takes: Pink dresses, face make-up, and prego pillows...

Friday, January 31, 2014

 Linking up with Jen for some quick takes (and by the way, hers are hilarious this week).

1. This week started off with Sean and Catherine's wedding Sunday night, which my sisters and I have been counting down for months. It was interesting to say the least. I love that Sean and Catherine didn't live together before they were married and made it clear that they were waiting for the wedding night. Buuut anyone who watched the wedding knows that ABC made such a big deal out of them waiting that it was almost trashy (I know - sounds completely counter-intuitive...but trust me). Anyways, the live wedding made up for the pre-wedding banter (and awkward lingerie shopping). Sean's dad, a pastor, did the ceremony and I loved it when he said "Love God the most and you'll love each other more." Catherine's dress was a gorgeous lace and we have similar taste in bridesmaid dresses:

Ok, I like hers a little better...but same pale pink, wide straps, sweetheart neckline:

2. I still haven't had a chance to watch the Grammy's (actually just the E dress commentary that I recorded) since bachelor wedding > Grammy's but Taylor Swift's dress was oh so classy and beautiful:

3. Hallie's post Love in the Time of Scarlet Fever had me laughing and crying and deeply appreciating my husband all at the same time.

4. The partly sleepless nights have continued as this baby gets bigger and after a week of them (and several of your suggestions to get a pregnancy pillow) I got this email in my inbox:

After confering with Stephen that $79 (!) was worth it for a pillow, it was on it's way to my doorstep. Crossing my fingers that it works (and gets here soon).

5. Grace suggested this acne system from Paula's Choice a while back, and I ordered the trial kit last week to try it out due to the havoc that pregnancy has wreaked on my skin (partly hormones, partly not being able to use my Retin-A). I'm honestly stunned by the difference it made in just a few days (and Stephen concurs). My skin is so much clearer, smoother, and even...it works almost as well or even better than my Retin-A did. 10 dolla off link here if you want to try it for yourself (the trial kit is only $13).

6. Has anyone tried this foundation? I've been using Clinique for years, but I've been looking for something with a little better/more even coverage. The Tarte Amazonian Clay one has great reviews, and apparently it's sold at Ulta so I'm planning to head there this weekend with a 20% off coupon plus a credit that I have been waiting to use.

7. This week marked the end of my Senior Surgery rotation and I was not not sad to scrub my last surgery as a medical student or to take my last oral exam of medical school. I can't believe that my M.D. is only three short months away.

Happy weekend!


  1. Ah, I could say something about every take.. (I've had more coffee than usual this morning so brace yourself)... 1 - The Catherine/Sean waiting thing - I get what you're saying. A little too much emphasis on the excitement re consummation of the marriage. A little tacky and a lot awkward! But I totally cried like a blubbering idiot watching the ceremony. Their giddy excitement reminded me of my own wedding day too much!! 2 - I have a really similar pregnancy pillow. They take up SO MUCH SPACE on our Queen bed but I can't live without mine. That said, it's one of those things I CANNOT WAIT to stop using once I'm not pregnant anymore! SO SOON :) 3- I've had the same makeup routine since like college (MAC concealer and BareMinerals). I am one of those. Can't help anyone there, ha! 4 - And THREE MORE MONTHS!! Go girl.

  2. I just LOVE your bridesmaid dresses!

  3. I had a body pillow bequeathed to me and I loved it. I used it to help me keep from rolling over when cosleeping too, but it does take an inordinate amount of space. :)

  4. I love the light pink dresses with your lace dress!
    That foundation looks really intriguing- I used to use Clinique's foundation too, but switched to their tinted moisturizer once the kiddos started coming along. I figured it would make my morning routine just a bit easier, but now I'm not so sure. :)
    And congrats on scrubbing your last surgery as a med student!

  5. Pregnancy pillows are worth every dime! I used mine during recovery as well, when you just sort of feel blaahh! It was a great substitute nursing pillow when one was out of reach, too!

  6. You marriage pictures are so gorgeous! And good riddance for surgery to be over. I hope the next three months are smoother sailing.


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