New Year's Round-Up

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

We had a quiet New Year's Eve last night with my family. Even if I hadn't just gotten out of the hospital a few days ago, the sub-zero temps outside would have been enough to discourage us from going out anywhere. I did pretend like we were going on a New Year's date: curled my hair and wore a new-ish shirt that I found on clearance at Anthropologie (it has a nice, forgiving fit for a 21 week baby bump). I barely made it until midnight, falling asleep for an hour on the couch while my family was watching Monster's University and then waking up just before the countdown (I'm pretty sure that Stephen took a little snooze too, we're definitely a lively couple in our [late] 20s ha).

2013 was mostly good to me and definitely a year that I won't forget. It wasn't always easy, with almost 5 months of med school rotations away (I appreciate Stephen now more than ever), 2 board exams, and a slew of residency interviews at the end. It was a year of big decisions (OB/GYN or emergency medicine) and monumental life changes (I still am trying to wrap my finger around the fact that we are going to be unbelievably exciting). I learned more about marriage, mostly just that it's better than I ever thought it would be (although of course not always easy).

Some noteworthy happenings:

Our Chicago trips....

Niagara Falls getaway...

A newfound love for running (although I never got to do my 10K, I'm sure that it will happen in the future...and then hopefully a half-marathon?)...

A wonderful month rotating in St. Louis, helping bring beautiful babies into the world...

A life-changing announcement...

This little guy...

And my entire family together for Christmas...

On a more superficial note, some of my favorite outfits of 2013:

(Notice how I'm wearing these shoes with almost every outfit?)

Four more favorite outfits: onetwothree, and four

And some outfits that I'd rather forget herehere, and here

I really enjoyed working with Dansko here and here...

My most viewed posts of 2013:
1. How to Date (or Marry) a Med Student (although granted a lot of the hits came from searches titled something to the effect of "I want to date a med student").
2. What to Wear for Residency Interviews (I still need to follow this up with a post on what I actually wore to residency interviews).

And my own favorite posts of 2013:
1. An Announcement (kind of goes without saying)

So there it is, 2013. 2014 is sure to be an exciting year, with May bringing both med school graduation and a new baby! We are most definitely blessed. Happy New Year!


  1. A big year, and lots more big stuff to come - best wishes with it all! And it's good to start out being kinda lame on the New Year's Eve plans, so when you have a baby you won't feel bad if you have a night like mine, of leftover lasagna for dinner followed by going to bed when baby goes down at 10:30 ;-)

  2. I love your outfits! Please do a residency near me so we can share closets? (Though mine does pale in comparison considerably!)

    I can't remember what you said, what did you decide on specialty wise?

    Hope the end of your fourth year goes as fourth year is supposed to go! :) So excited for you little one! (Yay for 4th year babies!)

  3. Great recap of 2013 - you look fab in your NYE look!

  4. Giiirl, you curled your hair AND made it to midnight. You are basically a party animal! I watched the ball drop on TV for the east coast in my PJs and headed straight to bed at 11. We're pregnant! We get lots of slack! :) Happy New Year!

  5. I went to bed at 10:30 on New Year's. It just gets harder and harder to stay awake. :)


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