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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

From the November J. Crew Style Guide

How beautiful is this blouse?! I was totally enthralled by it: it looks unique, comfy, and perfectly drapey. By the time J. Crew offered their 25% sale, the Dublin Green was already gone in all sizes so I decided to try the warm ivory. Although I was initially disappointed the green was gone, I think that the ivory suits this blouse better and makes it a little more versatile.

It's a really beautiful top in real life and I like that it's something I don't think I could find anywhere else. However, there are a few issues with it:
1. It's huge. I'm literally always a size 8 and the 8 in this is way too big. I know that it's supposed to be "peasant style" but I still think it runs at least 1 size big.
2. It's super sheer. Wearing it over a white tank is ok with me, but the price is steep as it is, let alone for a sheer top.
3. The sleeve cuffs are a bit tight. I have fairly narrow wrists but for someone with average or large wrists, I think it could be uncomfortable.

I'll be sending this back. It was really over my budget anyways, and I don't think it's worth the price because of the sheerness and fit issues. It is still a beautiful design (so classy and pretty) and fabric (the little dots look amazing on the chiffon) and so I'll be watching for this on final sale in a smaller size.

Review on the navy chiffon dot top by AJC here.

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  1. I love transparent fabrics. There is something ethereal about them.


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