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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Via Pinterest

To be honest, I've never really been much of a blazer girl. I purchased my first blazer from the junior's section at Kohl's just before they closed the night before my first interview for a "real" job. It didn't fit me particularly well and I returned it as soon as the interview finished thinking I would never wear it again (I still feel a little guilty about this, I've never been a wear-and-return kind of girl). My second blazer was from Express, purchased for medical school interviews.  In terms of wearing a blazer for "fun," I always felt like they were a little old for me (I'm 27 now, so that's probably not an excuse) or gave off to much of a work vibe.

However, I started noticing some of the to-die-for styles in the J. Crew catalog (I mean, "Style Guide") as well as tons of fun ways to wear a blazer on Pinterest and in the fashion blog world. Blazers are definitely not just for grandmas, workwear, and uniforms.
Pretty Grey Blazer
via Wendy's Lookbook

Classy Grey Blazer
via Pink Peonies
If anyone knows how to make a grey blazer fun, it's Kendi

A grey blazer is extremely versatile, it goes with everything and can be easily carried from professional workwear to casual chic depending on what it's paired with. The J. Crew Factory Professor Blazer is a perfect shade of heather grey. I purchased this with an additional 30% off when they had their jackets/outerwear sale and I think it's a great price for a wardrobe staple. The fabric is a nice thin stretchy wool blend and the shoulders are lightly padded to give just enough structure without stiffness. The buttons add a little uniqueness to it.



Fit is true to size (mine's a size 8). Hoping to post some fun looks with this in the future :)


  1. Totally agree! Never thought of myself as a blazer girl until recently. Maybe it's just getting old :) Cute blazer and it looks super cute on you.

    1. I know, me either but they are definitely growing on me, especially the J. Crew ones! Thanks :)

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