Pediatrics day one...and pink + polka dots

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Polka dots: J. Crew Factory, Pink: J. Crew

I thought polka dots and pink were appropriate for the first official day (yesterday was orientation) of our pediatrics rotation... Not that I need an excuse to wear pink or polka dots (I've had to place a [sort of] strict ban on adding anything else in either category to my wardrobe)...

Our attending physician is the only pediatrician for the whole town we are working in, so we were warned about the long and late hours on this rotation from the get go. Today was long: we have to round on the pediatric inpatients and newborns in the nursery before and after clinical hours, which start in the morning and didn't end until 7 p.m. today. I have to say though that I had a smile on my face most of the day. Kids say the craziest, most hilarious things. They do have kind of an inherent mistrust of doctors (my favorite was two little brothers that kept warily asking where I was hiding the shots, as much as I assured them that I had no shots for them) but it's amazing how quickly you can make them happy with a couple stickers. The office has a box of carefully categorized stickers in each exam room: boys' options include various superheros and "cars", the very diverse girls' options include "princess", "Rapunzel princess," and "fairy princess" (although I was informed my one spunky little lady that she didn't want any of those stupid girly stickers, give her one of the boys' ones please!) One little guy shyly asked me if he could listen to his heart, and I loved his face when I put my stethoscope in his ears (future doctor, maybe?

My younger sister, who's a dietitian, left me some perfect pediatrics advice: "A few pieces of wisdom I've learned working with my peds clinic patients: 1. Toys in the office are a great way to entertain children. However, children can quickly turn said toys into a missile - be warned. 2. As little ones never run low on boogers, you should likewise never allow yourself to run low on hand sanitizer. 3. Never underestimate the power of giving a kid silly bands and/or stickers ;)" Could not have said it better. 


  1. Love your outfit for kids: cute with fun colors. Good luck.

    1. Thank you!! I'm enjoying it so far :) The pediatrician I'm working with had on a spongebob tie, which I think was more popular than my pink/polka dots haha.


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