Friday Quick Takes

Friday, March 22, 2013

As always, joining Jen.

1. These are my new surgery goggles, lovely right? I finally purchased them after a harrowing experiencing of my disposable face shield fogging completely while I was trying to manipulate the camera during a laparoscopic surgery (I couldn't see anything). Also, these ones have mint on the sides (and mint is the color for spring, so maybe they are somewhat stylish? Ha.)

2. It's so hard figuring out shoes to wear to work with all the snow we have here (I can't wait for spring and the return of my ballet flats) and a lot of times I default to these Keen 'snow shoes' and then try to change when I get to the hospital. One day this week I was running a few minutes late (thanks to the mound of snow on my car when I got up that morning) and forgot to change them. I was hoping that my attending wouldn't notice, but halfway through rounds he definitely gave my feet a long hard was very Meryl Streep in the Devil Wears Prada (when she sees Ann Hathaway's clogs). 

3. My attending physician started asking me all about the history of the Franciscans this week. It started because he asked me where I went to undergrad, which was Franciscan University of Steubenville. and his wife is Catholic (he is agnostic). I told him the story of God asking St. Francis to rebuild his Church, and St. Francis taking it literally and restoring a little chapel in Assisi (which I got to see years ago when I went to Italy) before he formed his order to actually rebuild the Church. It's neat how little opportunities to share our faith come up in our daily lives.

4. One of Stephen's favorite dinners is breaded perch, and a while ago he had bought some perch that we had sitting in the freezer. I decided to surprise him one day this week and cook it on a day that I got out of surgery early. I had never made breaded fish, and so I called his mom who said I just needed to beat an egg and then coat the fish with the egg and some breadcrumbs/flour. When Stephen walked in the door, I was trying to stick the egg/breadcrumb mixture, which had turned into a bowl of mush, onto the fish. Stephen informed me that you have to dip the fish in the egg first, and then coat it with breadcrumbs. He ended up frying the perch himself. 

5. I've never been a fan of Dancing with the Stars, but when I heard that Sean of Bachelor fame would be participating, I had to turn it on while I was studying surgery that night. I only watched Dorothy Hamil (I used to figure skate and was obsessed with all things figure skating) and Sean, but he actually held his own I thought. Stephen thinks the whole concept is weird, and was like "Don't you think Catherine takes offense that he's dancing with his partner like that?"


6. Besides the Bachelor, my other guilty pleasure is the Rachel Zoe Project. I've found that since I started medical school, I've gone from enjoying medical shows like House and Untold Stories of the ER to enjoying mindless TV like the Bachelor and Rachel Zoe. My sisters came over last weekend and I convinced them to watch the latest episode Rachel Zoe with me. 9 minutes later, we had to turn it off because they insisted that they were feeling dumber by the minute and Rachel had said 'Maj' (translation: 'Major') for like the tenth time. What can I say, I need something to balance out those hours of studying.


7. No surgery call this weekend, and Stephen and I are hoping to snowshoe to these amazing ice caves about an hour drive away. We last went a few years ago and it was beautiful:

Happy weekend!


  1. I watch Rachel Zoe project too, it's literally so maj, it's, like, bananas. :) Sometimes I have to mute it because I just can't stand it anymore. I've found though that Brad Goreski (her ex-assistant) show and the other new one Dukes of Melrose, which air right after Rachel, are much more tolerable and fun!

  2. I adore Rachel Zoe (and other reality shows from Bravo) exactly because it provides me with that hour or so of mind-numbing nothingness where I can just sit and laugh at her for chasing after her son in ridiculously high stilettos, read blogs, sip a mug of tea and forget about my life for a bit so we can concentrate on Rachel not helping her husband to pick out an outfit. ;o)

  3. I also tuned in to DWTS just to watch Sean! I thought he seemed really uncomfortable and awkward. But so did the one other contestant (the boxer guy) I watched. Also, I must admit that I never knew J.Crew Factory had a website until I started reading your blog and it's bad news!!! So many purchases have already been made... ;)

  4. Does everyone at your hospital wear Danskos? When I was doing my clinical psych internship (i.e. residency type year) at the University of Chicago Hospitals, I was just starting to see Danskos everywhere there (and I was glad, because I had to start wearing them back then b/c that was the year I was diagnosed with arthritis in my feet, argh). After that, they took off even more and it seemed like every person working in every hospital and clinic I went into were wearing them. :) Anyway, just curious. Also, I used to figure skate too. :)

  5. Love the googles!!! Thankfully i've never been splashed in the eyes during a delivery but it's come close. I"m hosting a link up next Thursday March 28, hope you can join.



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