Winterize It

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Apparently we've had 176 inches of snow so far this year...yikes. And even though yesterday was technically the first day of spring, it sure doesn't feel like it here with 40 inches of snow still on the ground and temperatures in the teens. On the plus side, I'm becoming an expert at winterizing my wardrobe. 

How I made it through the winter:
Sweater tights under skirts and dresses (wearing my favorite Target pair here)
- Boots (my trusty black pair which I water-proofed or the always reliable Hunters)
- Chunky cowls (ie here and here)

For Bri's Third Thursday link-up, I challenged myself to winterize two items that I usually only wear in the summer:

Exhibit A: Winterizing a summer pencil skirt

I have three wool skirts for winter (here, here, and here) and several cotton J. Crew Factory pencil skirts for summer. I've always stowed the cotton ones away during the winter, but I decided to try a bright blue one with sweater tights, Hunter boots, and my favorite zip-up sweater (a Banana Republic Factory find that I wear at least twice per week). 

Exhibit B: Winterizing a maxi skirt

I'm definitely a maxi skirt girl, but I always thought of them as a summer-only deal until Sydney convinced me otherwise. I added sweater tights, a chunky cowl, and of course, Hunters.

Despite all the winterizing, I have to admit that I'm majorly looking forward to spring: ballet flats every day and no more marshmallow coat!

Linking up with Work Clothes, I suppose.


  1. Love the stripe maxi skirt. Perfect. I'm doing a link up next thursday. Would love it if you joined.


  2. I did a maxi dress today too! I also used to think of them only as a summer item, but they work surprisingly well in the winter! I love your striped one! I am ready for summer too though!

  3. Love both. Maybe next winter i should invest in some hunters. This winter my feet froze 90% of the time. I'm so looking forward to spring as well, except it snowed here today. So sad.

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  5. That second look is wintry perfection! I am always a fan of stripes, and that skirt looks great with that sweater and the snowy background.

  6. very cute looks..especially love the black and blue! As far as your comment on my the asymmetrical jacket is not new..3 years old actually..sorry!
    sheree xxx

  7. Love the maxi with those boots!! Such a great winterizing technique! Thanks for linking up :)


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