What I Wore Palm Sunday: Navy + eyelet

Sunday, March 24, 2013

We went to a beautiful Palm Sunday service today, presided over by our bishop who was newly appointed archbishop and will be leaving for his new assignment next week. My family has known him since he was a young priest and so he married Stephen and I...we are pretty thrilled that we were married by an archbishop :)

I've been slowly trying to clean out my closet, and I found this white eyelet dress tucked away. There are some happy memories attached to it, since I last wore it for Stephen's confirmation two years ago, when I was his sponsor:

I had to sort of 'winterize' the dress by adding a navy cardi and tights since we still have tons of snow outside (and also Stephen informed me that I looked like I was going to my First Communion when I first put it on by itself). Credit goes to Martha for the nude wedges + grey tights; I was so excited to get these shoes on sale a couple months ago, but thought I would have to wait until late spring/summer to wear them since I didn't think I could pull them off with tights (Martha proved me wrong).

Wedges: J. Crew Factory
Cardi (last worn here): J. Crew Factory
Necklace (last worn here and here): J. Crew Factory
 Dress: J. Crew clearance rack a few years ago 

Chunky pearls + navy cardi:

I've never really been a 'shoe' person (I wear ballet flats or moccasins 85% of the time) but I loved, loved the nude Martina wedges that J. Crew came out with last year. Unfortunately, they were way, way over my budget. I found these on sale at J. Crew Factory a couple months ago (pretty much a replica of the Martina's, color and all!) and they are now my absolute favorite shoes:

Happy Sunday! Linking up, as always, with Fine Linen and Purple. Also linking up with Plane Pretty.


  1. Great outfit! Loved reading about all the memories from your outfit!
    Happy Palm Sunday!



  2. I love your outfit Erika!
    Definitely inspired to look like you! Jcrew here I come!

  3. Don't judge me but I have very similar articles of clothing and will be straight up copying this look Monday!! GORGEOUS!

  4. I love every single thing about this outfit - from the pearl necklace all the way down to the nude wedges! Awesome!

  5. Love how it all came together. Pretty

  6. LOVE the necklace and that eyelet dres is amazing!

  7. Nothing beats a good set of chunky pearls. Love it!

  8. Beautiful Erika! I esp love the necklace.

  9. I love everything about this outfit, Erika!! Those shoes are fantastic and I'm totally inspired to attempt a dark tight with nude heals now! All of the colors in this outfit are great!!

  10. Just be a model for J Crew Factory already, Erika! LOL. I love the details of your skirt and LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes.

  11. Ah! I'm flattered; however, I think you pulled them off even better. Way to improve an inspiration.

  12. Ohh, I love this, Erika! I've been wanting to dig out my Springier dresses, too, and I love how the tights and the dark cardi made yours so great for this time of year. I already can't wait to see what you wear for Easter...

  13. Love this dress. It's perfect. It's perfect for Spring and especially for Easter.




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