Another blazer + celebrating the Sisters..

Sunday, May 19, 2013

If my eyes look a little droopy today, it's because we got back from our camping trip this morning. It was both exhausting and refreshing at the same time: 45 degrees doesn't lend itself to great sleep, but it was a gorgeous hike through the woods and our campsite was remotely located right next to a raging river...peaceful. There's also something about hiking in with just a backpack for the night that's very freeing. I'll share some pictures later this week!

If you didn't already guess from this and this post, I've been a little obsessed with blazers lately (they're an easy outfit-maker). I also can't contain my excitement about this blazer: I found it at secondhand on a website Twice (thanks to my cousin Jenny for telling me about it) that is my new favorite place to shop (lots of secondhand J. Crew, Gap, etc.). What is even more exciting than the fact that it is chambray with polka dots is that my friend bought the same blazer from Gap while we were in Madison for $90, and I paid $20 for this one. So to whoever bought this adorable blazer in my size and than changed their mind, thank you.

Blazer: Gap via Twice (click here for a $10 referral credit)
Shirt: J. Crew Factory (old); Black crops: Gap (old)

Today our church had an extra mass celebrating the Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres, as it's their 50 year anniversary of working in the United States. The Sisters have a special place in my heart because I spent about a month and half total working with them in Haiti. We worked together in an emergency tent for two weeks in the aftermath of the earthquake in 2010, and I returned twice to work in their medical clinic located in a small town in the mountains of Haiti. Sr. Mary Ann is a physician who works tirelessly in Haiti full-time (she's to my right in the picture below) and Sr. Rosalyn is a nurse (to my left). These women are my heroes. 

Sr. Rosalyn and I were reunited today after mass, and she also got to meet Stephen. We were pretty ecstatic to see each other :) 

I hope your Sunday was as beautiful and blessed as mine! Joining Fine Linen and Purple and Doranda. Also linking up with Delusions of Grandeur for Favorite Fashion Friday.


  1. 45 degrees means you just have to cuddle more!!

    and what steal on that blazer! I've really been loving blazers. I think they're just as easy to wear as cardigans but look much more pulled together.

  2. Hi Erika, this is such a cute blazer, really cute look. What a great sunday you had. I went to a bday party with my husband and baby. It was lots of fun too. I am already followig your lovely blog with gfc and with bloglovin. Would love if you follow back.
    Hugs from Toronto
    Claudia P.

  3. Blazers are the bomb.

    And yes, interesting too how when you must carry your personal possessions on your back, you want less of them!

  4. What a great reunion! Great score on the blazer. Thanks for sharing the source :)

  5. I've got a fever. And the only prescription is more blazers!

  6. Sounds like a great weekend even if you were cold. Love the blazer.

    Stop by my blog and enter my stella & dot giveaway.


  7. Ooh, love this one too! (And even better when it's such a good deal.) I love my chambray shirt so much I'm sort of tempted to get one of everything in chambray; a blazer would most definitely be a versatile and well-loved closet addition... And the hiking sounds great!

  8. I havent heard of twice. I've been buying and selling on poshmark. It's a little addictive. This jacket is a great find.

  9. ok, LOVE the polka dot blazer! so darling!


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