Friday Quick Takes: Madison shopping, good news, and Chicago!

Friday, May 3, 2013

*Guest posting at Stephanie's beautiful blog, Captive the Heart, today with some of our wedding reception decor/DIY projects! You can check it out here*

Joining Jen for the obligatory Friday Quick Takes. 

1. First off, a couple highlights from my Madison trip last weekend. You may remember me mentioning the J. Crew Factory weekend 50% off sale last Friday and how it was a good thing that I was far from the nearest outlet. Well, turns out it was 30 minutes out of my way to stop at the outlet on the way to Madison (I think we all know what happened). I tried to resist going too crazy though, and purchased three things (minus a $65 gift card that I had) that I think will get a lot of wear in my wardrobe: this chambray blazer, a black/white striped tunic (I think it'll look great with my white jeans), and a bright blue/white linen striped skirt. My friends and I also did some shopping in downtown Madison and the skirt in the middle was an amazing clearance rack find at the regular J. Crew store. It's bright orange and lavendar with an A-line fit and very unique...I'm sure I'll be wearing it soon!

2. My other find was this blazer from Gap on sale for $35. I wore it in my Wednesday post and can't wait to wear it again. One of my friends bought this one which was also adorable.

3.. We got this incredible sushi in downtown Madison. There is no sushi place where I am doing my rural medicine program right now and even if there was, Stephen isn't a huge fan so last weekend was the perfect opportunity.

4. And I found this at Urban Outfitters. I guess it's a lunchbox? Also, I'm not sure if Urban Outfitters got weirder or if I just got older; I used to really like it in college but there was absolutely nothing that I saw there this trip that I would wear (other than a couple scarves). And maybe this organ transplant carry-thing.

5. I took advantage of my week off to paint my nails not once, but twice. It was the first time I had painted them since our honeymoon in Costa Rica (I may still have remnants of polish on my toes from that trip...I spared you a picture). Shout-out to my sister Ilsa for finding this lovely color, 'ladylike': it's a combo of mauve/lavendar.

6. I got news this week that my application got accepted for an obstetrics rotation at Mercy hospital in St. Louis. I'll be going there at the end of the summer and I can't wait: last I heard, they had 6 NFP residents.

7. Stephen and I are going to Chicago today for a mini-vacation before I start my rural medicine rotation on Monday! We're visiting some good friends (the couple that introduced us) who live there and staying one night at Embassy Suites downtown (they had Stephen at the huge free breakfast).

Happy Friday!


  1. How awesome that you'll be in an NFP friendly hospital! Have fun in the city this weekend! Oh, and P.S., your wedding rings are gorgeous!

  2. 7 NFP residents is just awesome!!

  3. I have that white/blue skirt from the JCrew factory too! our closets are slowly merging together :)

  4. love that nail polish color...and have a blast in Chicago, one of my favorite places!

  5. Re: #6 congrats!!! (my sisters and i are acquainted w/ one of the residents, i think; I'll email you) and re: #7 have fun!

    1. Was about to say this -- yes! Great group there.

  6. Oh wowww...painting nails? I need to. Badly.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Love those finds and of course that Gap blazer. I still need to get a blazer! Maybe senior pictures will force me to actually go do it.

    Yay for rocking your VSAS app! I'm only a couple of hours from STL. Let me know when you're there!

    BTW where are you taking Step 2? I found out so good stuff about the Chicago site if you happen to be taking it there. :D

  8. oh yum! i love sushi! that looks so good!


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