Friday round-up...

Friday, July 12, 2013

Joining Jen for the usual Friday round up.

1. I did an interview for last week (you can read it here). It was fun, and a good opportunity to think about why I went to medical school and how my faith and marriage has supported me through it...

2. It's my sweet little nephew's first birthday's hard to believe that he was just a little over a month old at our wedding last year!

3. I got highlights in my hair a couple weeks ago and I'm still getting used to them. My natural hair color is basically the darkest shade of brown that exists before black so I was a little nervous that they would end up skunk-like. I was pleasantly surprised though; they blend into my hair so well that I'm not sure how much you can see them in this picture, but my hair is definitely lighter and more summer-y...
4. I did another delivery this week on family medicine. This was my favorite one yet; the family doc let me do the delivery but gave me lots of pointers (the last delivery I felt like I almost dropped the baby so I was grateful for the pointers). It was natural, calm, and beautiful, just like a delivery should be. I can't explain the rush of emotions that I felt putting the baby into his new mother's brought me back to my first delivery ever, in Haiti.

What a moment.
5. And for my other accomplishment in medical school this week, I sutured a pig's foot. My suturing has come a long way since first year of med school (fortunately). I did start school knowing how to do basic interrupted sutures from my time in Haiti, but I feel much more comfortable with them now. This week we practiced vertical and horizontal mattress sutures, subcuticular sutures (the one the surgeons here always use), and this weird "boomerang" suture used to close up irregular wounds. I kind of love suturing, and so maybe plastics is in my future? Just kidding.

6. A good close friend of our family's college-age son made this video and just won a national pro-life contest. Disclaimer before you watch that it made me cry like a baby. I think that the video does a good job of showing the pain that many post-abortive women face, something that I've seen firsthand during my psych and family med rotations.

7. If you've been following the Bachelorette, you are familiar with Zak W., who has become my favorite candidate since he talked about discerning the priesthood. He is hilarious, quirky, and good-looking and basically I am convinced that when Desiree chooses Brooks over him, he is prime husband material for my sister:

Stephen and I are both off this weekend (yay!) and we are planning on spending time at my parents' camp on the lake. Happy Friday!


  1. Happy Friday Erika. Congrats on another delivery.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Take care
    Love to hear your medical stories.:)

  2. BTW, Happy Bday to your sweet nephew. My baby is turning 2 really soon. I still can't believe, time flies.
    Hugs from Toronto

  3. Mattress sutures are my favorite to do :)

    I'm also rooting for Zak but I know she's gonna pick Brooks. Lame

  4. Yay, happy weekend together! Enjoy. And that pig's foot brings back memories... we used to have some of these things in our freezer so Peter could practice whenever the mood struck (ew).

  5. I love things like that!!! Suturing. I would love to learn to suture. Delivering babies is the best and it's definitely a skill. I've delivered 2 by myself and it was amazing. During deliveries I find that I coach many of the interns and residents. LIke the highlights in your hair.

    Don't forget to stop by my blog and enter both my fabulous giveaways: a pink link bracelet from Gigglosophy and one from Henri Lou. And my link up is still up.


  6. Your hair looks great! And I love the picture of you with the bebe. You look like a natural. Have so much fun relaxing this weekend!

  7. Hope you've had a chance to read this:

  8. Oh, babies :). I love the photo of you with the sweet newborn... what a beautiful (and difficult!) profession you've chosen!


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