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Friday, July 19, 2013

Most of my energy this week was spent on the cervical cancer screening presentation I did this morning, and I realized yesterday that pretty much all I've talked about in my free time is pap smears. My sister was mortified when I went to lunch with her and my mom: "Seriously you can't say pap smear in a restaurant!" and after a 20 minute dinner conversation the next day on the merits and screening guidelines for pap smears, my youngest sister (age 10) wanted to know what the heck a pap smear was...and was most likely scarred for life when my mom tried to explain. It speaks volumes that I a) don't realize that pap smears may be an inappropriate public lunch-time conservation topic and b) greatly enjoy talking about all sorts of gynecological topics in my free time (although I did not enjoy the massive amount of research and slightly boring powerpoint that went into my persentation today). Clearly, I'm probably meant to be an OB/GYN despite how much people have tried to talk me out of it.

In other life news, Stephen and I found a house to rent! It was most definitely a God-thing, because we were about to sign a lease on an apartment that we weren't entirely happy with (price or location-wise) and that same day, I ended  up reconnecting with a close friend whose dad owns the perfect rental house for Stephen and I (and just happened to be opening up next week). It's quite a bit cheaper than the apartment we were going to move into (her dad is an orthopedic surgeon and so her parents understand the trials of paying rent as a medical student) and it's perfect for us: a cozy, peaceful little house with a rustic feel and a hot tub (which hasn't been used in a while but I'm begging Stephen to get started up again).

Graphic tee & pencil skirt: J. Crew
Shoes: Madewell skimmers

I finally had time today between my presentation/afternoon clinic hours to blog...I've been wanting all week to post this outfit and link-up with Bri (I love stripes) and Freckles in April. Also joining the Pleated PoppyPenniless SocialiteJenni, and Agi

I really like the combo of a pencil skirt/graphic tee, although I'm still figuring out how to apply it to 'real life'; I could probably get away with it in the family medicine clinic where I'm working now but normally it would be too casual...

Pencil + graphic tee inspiration via Madewell//Merricks Art//J. Crew:
To A Tee — A graphic-printed T-shirt is the ultimate summer staple to pair with anything — even a polished pencil skirt — for a light look that wont weigh you down.  Photo: Courtesy of Madewellcute combo. striped pencil skirt + graphic tee + a big bold colored pursepolka dot pencil skirt, graphic tee, strappy heels

Happy, happy weekend!


  1. I love the bright pink w/ the striped skirt!
    And that's great news about your rental. Def. sounds like a God-thing!

  2. Loving this. Really cute.


  3. I love this outfit! I need to make myself one of those striped pencil skirts, they seem to go with everything! :)

    You have a beautiful blog, Erika. :)


    Ana Paula

  4. Erika.... I am totally guilty of bringing up inappropriate body functions to non-medsci friends & family too. I don't even realize it, since I spend time with med students who, after a few months, dropped all the private barriers involving bodily functions. I think they're all just excited to practice diagnosing each other before seeing a doc for confirmation. Haha. Nerds.

    Also, try looking into silk "t-shirts" to pair with pencil skirts. It will make it more formal, but still very comfortable since that material breaths beautifully.

  5. I love the look of a pencil skirt with a tee and this tee is beautiful! One of the best I've seen. Love the striped pencil skirt too.
    Visiting from Sunday Style!


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