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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Top: Gap maternity/Pants: J.C. Penney maternity/Scarf: Etsy

This Sunday's outfit was a mostly uninspired one consisting of my favorite maternity top (which is starting to pill already from wearing it so much) and my favorite maternity pants (my dear mom purchased me a second pair for when the first one is in the wash). 

We went to mass yesterday evening which meant that for some reason I went half of today thinking that tomorrow was Sunday and than was pretty disappointed when I realized the weekend is over already and I'm back to the hospital tomorrow. Clerkships are starting to drag a bit, which I guess is to be expected when graduation is only about two months away. 

Stephen and I went to Target today to finish up our registry (any suggestions for mostly clueless first-time parents?) and left with our first little outfit purchase. We both loved the tiny anchor and adorable bow tie, and originally intended on putting it on our registry but there was only one 3 month size left and so we ended up just purchasing it. We purchased a couple things for the nursery also, a sweet little print for the wall and a nursery organizer for diapers and little clothes. And his pretty gray crib is on it's way to our house now, a gift from my mom. I feel like we are making small dents in getting ready for his arrival and it's so exciting (and kind of surreal).

And what a difference a month makes! I thought I was getting big on the picture on the left (6 months) which I now think is pretty funny compared to 7 months (on the right) and I probably will be laughing again a month from now.

Random pregnancy round-up:

Highlights: feeling (and seeing!) him move oh so much/random pregnancy stories from strangers/starting to get the nursery ready

Cravings: fruit (esp. strawberries and blackberries)/Sprite/anything sweet (not looking forward to my glucose tolerance test tomorrow)

Exercise: 20-30 minutes on the elliptical most days and a prenatal Pilates video a couple times a week (I've found if I don't exercise my back and hips hurt and I have way less energy)

Weight gain: I've been afraid to check since last week, when it was a total of 16ish pounds (*hoping* to keep the total weight gain to around 25)

Symptoms: oh the usual but overall not too terrible - tired and achy, the occasional tear fest (poor Stephen), weird dreams, and some trouble sleeping

When we logged into our Target baby registry, I saw that we only have 82 days until our due date which is crazy/scary/exciting. Can't wait to meet our little guy.

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  1. Hope the week goes smoothly on the hospital floor! The little tyke is almost here!!

  2. You look adorable as always!

  3. You're such a cute mama! Our first is about to turn a year old, so I can't claim to be an expert, but I wish I'd curbed my binging on cute clothes for her in the first 3-6 months! They grow out of them so fast - buy bigger and they'll last longer. Haha (btw, the above outfit is totally awesome and I'm glad you got it for your little man!) But people will ALWAYS be getting you clothes, because they never know what random stuff you really need. Things I've enjoyed having thus far: a Nosefrida snot sucker (lifesaver during these winter colds!), a baby swing, our Infantino Twist and Fold activity mat (easily stores away), a Sofie the Giraffe teether, an amber necklace for teething!, Swaddleme swaddling sacks, muslin saddling blankets (are usually HUGE and can double as a nursing cover if you tie two corners together)... and I'll stop overwhelming you now :)

    1. Ha, I meant muslin "Swaddling" blankets - not sure how a saddling blanket (is that what goes under a saddle?) would be helpful with a baby, autocorrect.

    2. Oh thanks Beth :) And your comment made me feel better because I actually have half of those things on my registry already. I had to tell my husband what you said because I started off registering for mostly 6 and 9 month sizes and then he was worried that we didn't have any newborn or 3 month things so we mostly added those sizes today (I may have to go back and change it haha!)

  4. Ok, I can understand why you would think it's an "uninspired" outfit as you called it, but it's really not. Pregnancy is great because you can wear more simple outfits, things that you would think are blah normally, but they're totally adorable because of the bump and the glow. You look great, not "uninspired" at all!

    And as for baby must haves, the thing I most swear by and recommend to everyone is the Fisher Price Rock & Play bassinet. That thing is magic! My girlie slept in it for the first 4 months. It's really small and portable so it can easily go from your room to the nursery and on trips. I can't gush about it enough.

  5. Forget all the crazy stuff on the registry. Hold off on washing the clothes until baby comes home (except maybe a few gowns). We ended up wanting to exchange a bunch of it because our son never wore it! My must-have's? Swing, long gowns (for nighttime), a super awesome swaddling blanket, boppy, monitors (need not be fancy) - the rest you can figure out as you go. You look beautiful!

  6. I second the comment about avoiding the really tiny newborn sizes! A lot of times new babes don't even EVER wear the NB/3 months sizes--they start out bigger than that or grow so fast there's no time to wear those. :) I would also suggest (for YOU) the Lansinoh breastfeeding salve and as I'm sure you know the electric dual Medella Pump In Style (stupid name) breast pump is well worth the money--although I wonder if you'll have access to a hospital grade rental considering that your situation.

  7. You look great! I love that scarf!
    On the registry side - don't register for clothes. People buy them regardless of what you register for! Make sure you have all of your big-ticket items as most registries will give you a discount on whatever's not purchased by your due date. Also consider the little things - like nail clippers, thermometers, breast milk bags, etc that you might need. How exciting!!!! That little outfit is adorable!

  8. You look great and yes it's amazing just how big your belly can get!!!!!



  9. Oh, that little outfit is adorable. And you look great, Erika! I love the color of your scarf- so pretty!


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