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Friday, December 7, 2012

1. I'm still working on making my way through our wedding photos that we got last week (over 2000) but kind of love this one. Epic chair-lifting dance courtesy of my Jewish relatives.

2. This was the last official week of my OB-GYN rotation. I was in the office Monday through Thursday and I loved so much of it: ultrasounding baby heart rates, measuring fundal heights, seeing the look on new parent's faces when they saw their baby for the first time on ultrasound, etc. I'm sad it's over.

3. Today was also my last day in the OR assisting with gynecological surgeries. I can't say I'm too sad about it being over since I won't miss living in constant fear of dropping an instrument or un-sterilizing myself or having to pee during a 5 hour surgery. Unfortunately I have 3 months of General and Senior Surgery to look forward too. Oh joy.

Last time I will wear these stylin' booties until surgery rotation this spring

4. I made pot roast for the first time this week (no, it was not worthy of a picture). I was pretty proud of my cooking endeavor until my hubby informed me that it just didn't taste quite right (and he's no complainer, especially when it comes to food). Neither one of us can cook, and it's starting to take an unfortunate toll on my poor guy (apparently he has lost 10 pounds in the last month).
5. Isn't this plaid shirt perfection? I've been on the hunt for the perfect flannel shirt ever since I saw this on Pinterest. It's so funny to me that they're back in style since the last time I wore a plaid flannel shirt was as a freshman in high school (yes I thought I was pretty cool wearing it with my wide leg jeans and glitter airwalks).
Pinned Image
Via Pinterest
6. And another Pinterest find: this amazing pink lake in Australia (that I thought was so amazing I wrote a whole post about it). My life would just not be the same without Pinterest.

Via Pinterest

7. Did everyone hear that Princess Kate is pregnant? Ok I was probably one of the last to find out (med school and keeping up with pop culture news do not mix) but I am pretty excited for the new little royal. And can you believe this picture of Kate just leaving the hospital? She looks perfect as always (totally my fashion idol).


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Happy weekend (I'll be studying for my OB-GYN shelf exam)


  1. Love the flannel shirt! They're not really my style, but they look good on some people.
    And yes, Princess Kate's fashion is amazing. She's also a good role model since she's modest and (for a royal) thrifty. I see her re-wearing things all the time and she occasionally wears off-the-rack stuff as well. I feel sorry for her with that horrible morning sickness :(

    1. I completely agree on Princess Kate, her style is amazing and she is a good role model (love that she's so modest and classy :)

  2. Love the plaid thing that's happening and I pinned that picture too. Pinterest in addicting. Again, congrats on being done with the rotation!

    1. Love the plaid thing too! Thanks for the congrats :) Although I still have my exam next week so I will for real be done then (bittersweet).


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