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Friday, December 14, 2012

1.Polka dots and scrub pants were my Wednesday attire; I've been studying like a fiend for our OB-GYN exams. I survived my first oral exam last night ( questions fired back and forth from two attending physicians, fun) and my written exam this morning. So.glad.that's.over.

2. Stephen and I finally made Christmas cookies (we're not very domestic) and they, surprisingly for our track record, turned out totally delish (peanut butter chocolate kiss cookies are my fav). I used this recipe, but with slightly less sugar and I didn't re-bake them after I added the kisses.

3. I've been begging Stephen to get a Christmas tree and he came home with this one (sad, I know, although it does have a built-in star and glitter lights). I thought he was taking a branch out of the box but it ended up being the whole tree. Oh well, we only have 4 ornaments anyways and we'll be spending Christmas at his parents house this year so we will have to fulfill my dreams of a live, normal-size tree next year.

4. Thursday was one of my favorite feast days, Our Lady of Guadalupe (the picture below has some neat facts on her image in Mexico City). Our church held it's first-ever Spanish mass in honor of the day. I loved it, it brought make memories of medical mission trips to Ecuador and my study abroad in Mexico. They even sang one of my favorite Spanish songs, "Alma Misionera."

5. The Spanish mass was a great warm-up for our honeymoon to Costa Rica!! I can't believe we leave Saturday. I'm dreaming of sunny beaches, sparkling waterfalls, and tropical rainforests...(this waterfall (Rio Celeste) is one of the places we're planning to go).

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6. I still can't get over these two J. Crew inspired pieces that I found this week at Forever 21 (details here). 

7. Merry Christmas! I won't be posting much the next two weeks since we'll be in Costa Rica and then visiting my hubby's family for the holiday but will be sure to catch up when I return :) Hoping your Christmas is beautiful and blessed!

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Joining Jen again for Friday Quick Takes...


  1. simon and I did the SAME thing with a warm honeymoon during December -- enjoy!!!!

    jealous of the forever XXI pieces!!!


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