Mauve blush and grey stripes

Thursday, December 6, 2012

We were advised before starting rotations in July to start adding to our professional wardrobe, which for me was practically nonexistent after my brief time as an ER nurse (yay scrubs!) and extensive time as a student. I owned a couple clearance rack J. Crew Factory cotton pencil skirts then, and since starting rotations have added two wool double serge pencil skirts. I loved this one in mauve blush and watched it until it went on sale + 30% more off, which fortunately happened while my size was still available.
I think that blush pink works well as a neutral, and the tan tones of this skirt make it work with different color schemes. It has a tweedy look, which adds some dimension to the pastel. 
I always get one size up in J. Crew pencil skirts for comfort and drape...The fabric is a light wool, which is perfect for winter but will also work well into spring.
Sorry for the lighting in the pictures; I never seem to get home from the hospital before it's dark out.

Yes my scarf matches my rug, haha. I'm kind of a stripes fanatic and newly obsessed with grey.


I purchased this merino stripe scarf with a couple Christmas gifts I ordered with the last 30% off sale. It was a bit more expensive ($35 on sale) than my last few scarves but I think it's worth it because of the nice, soft, warm merino wool. I couldn't resist the stripes, and cream and pale grey is so versatile. This would make a great Christmas gift.

I really loved this outfit and got lots of compliments on it today, especially the skirt (which I can't wait to wear again!)

Mauve blush pencil: J. Crew
Stripe merino scarf: J. Crew
Grey sweater: J. Crew Factory (I've been wearing this about three times a week)
Booties: Clarks (my new work staple, practical but still cute)


  1. LOVE the mauve skirt, Erika! Also, a scarf that's warm, beautiful, and the perfect length is always worth a little but bigger of an investment if necessary. I have a scarf that i wear probably more than anything else in my wardrobe.

    1. Thanks! I was super excited about this skirt since I just love pink and I think the mauve tones make it more versatile. Agree on the scarf investment too :)

  2. So first time commenter here but I love your posts (and your new blog layout)!

    I actually found your blog through my sister, Caitlin (, who went to Pitt with your sister Ingrid - so fun!

    And I totally have some questions for you since you were an ER nurse and have lots of Latin American mission experience! I'm graduating nursing school in May and just signed up for a medical mission trip to Educador in June, yay! I noticed your email isn't on your blog but I'd love to find out a little more about your experiences and ask you some nursing mission related questions. My email is - hopefully we can chat soon!!


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