Costa Riiiica

Saturday, December 22, 2012

My husband and I are in Costa Rica right now for our honeymoon (we got married Labor Day weekend but couldn't go until now because of med school) and I don't think I can imagine a more perfect place. Because we are not really stay-in-a-resort-all-week kind of people, we have been traveling around staying a couple nights in the jungle, a couple nights on the coast, and now a couple nights near a volcano/hot springs (for those bachelor fans, the same spot they went to a couple years ago).

It's been a secret dream of mine to stay in a hotel with flowers/towel swans on the bed (see pictures). We've had more than enough adventures so far: we rented a car for half the week so now Stephen drives like a Costa Rican (it didn't take much), we took a crazy hike up a cliff in the jungle to see a waterfall, and yesterday we flew in a 12 person propellor plane across Costa Rica (Stephen says never, ever again). We have two days left in paradise and fly back Christmas eve. As they say here, "Pura vida!"

Before boarding the flight Stephen claims was the last he will ever take in another country.


Fulfilling my dream of kissing swan towels + tropical flowers

Pink ocean loveliness

Roses on the bed = so bachelor

Natural volcanic hot springs/Aguas calientes. Probably the most relaxing day of my life.

Seriously amazing waterfall.

We love Costa Rica. 

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