Friday Quick Takes

Friday, February 15, 2013

 7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 207)
Joining Jen!

1. I started off the week by going to spinning class with Stephen and my sister. Stephen was a competitive cycler for a few years and takes spinning class very seriously. He looked kind of like this:
stock photo : Cycler riding on bike with clipping path
And my sister and I looked kind of like this:
Two women talking while training in a spinning class
Stephen kept telling us to focus. Anyways, it was fun.
2. The crowning moment of my week was when I got a kiddo's knee reflexes by using the bottom of my stethoscope. Now, the seasoned physicians always do this no problem (who needs a reflex hammer when you have a stethoscope?) but I have always been afraid to try considering that it took me months to be able to get a patient's knee reflexes with a reflex hammer. Anyways, I just decided to go for it this week on a cute 5-year-old and I was pretty proud of myself when his knee jerked up.
3. One of the weirdest moments of my life happened to me while watching "The Bachelor" this week. This warning came on the TV:
Apparently someone (from another country) thought it would be funny to hack our small town TV stations with a zombie warning. I was not pleased since it was during my super important Bachelor-watching (and I admit that I locked all our doors).
4. I said that I would share a picture of the gift I made Stephen for V-day and here it is:

 Ok, it's not done yet. Apparently it takes a little longer than I thought to make a gigando-fleece tie blanket. I also found him a Nautica cologne set (his favorite) for $32! What a deal (don't tell him how cheap it was).
5. My little sister sent me this picture of a sheep's heart she is dissecting in honor of Valentine's Day.
She is a girl after my own heart. It also brought back fond memories of med school gross anatomy lab (I will never forget holding a human heart in my hands).
6. Valentine's Day reflection post on love here. I really enjoyed writing this (and love this quote; Emily Bronte is my hero).
7. If you weren't able to celebrate hearts day yesterday (Stephen and I will be celebrating it this weekend since he was working) check out Stephanie's date/outfit ideas here.
Stephen and I are volunteering at our local sled dog race tonight as part of my Outdoor Emergency Care class, hoping that we don't freeze! Happy weekend.


  1. I love the purple dress in the middle ..... but it sounds as if your toes might freeze!!

    Have a marvelous weekend, regardless!

  2. I would have taken the zombie warning over Tierra. Hahaha. Just sayin'. Props for the spin class too... whew, I couldn't do it. My legs are sore just watching them for 5 seconds. Haha.

    1. Jiza, I kind of agree! So glad Tierra is off the show. And you're right, spinning class is craziness! Have a great weekend!

  3. The zombie warning is hilarious! Sorry that it messed up the bachelor tho, lol!


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