What I Wore Sunday: rust + navy gingham

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Stephen informed me that I looked like a "country girl" today, which not exactly what I was going for...I've been trying to remix things in my closet more, and I liked the way this rust colored cardi complemented the navy blue gingham. Also, I've been wearing these Hunter boots non-stop lately...I know that they're technically rain boots but they work equally well in our mounds of snow.
 This cardi is literally 5 years old (and for you grammar people, I know that I just misused the world literally...sorry). I love 're-discovering' something that's been in your closet for a long time, but not worn for awhile. The burnt orange color along with the little ruffle and matching pearl buttons made this one of my fav sweaters for a long time. And this navy gingham shirt was a stellar Forever 21 find. I loved the J. Crew version but no way was I spending $80 on it, and this one is super similar.
Cardi: J. Crew (way old)
Denim pencil: J. Crew Factory (old)
Gingham: Forever 21
Boots: Hunter
After we got home from church, Stephen went ice-fishing with my dad and brothers (I'm not sure how they're going to get to the fish underneath a gazillion feet of snow and ice). I'll be nursing my cold-turned-bronchitis (thank you, pediatrics rotation) wrapped in a blanket with a cup of tea while I study for my peds exam.
As always, joining Fine Linen and Purple. for What I Wore Sunday. Also linking up with Plane Pretty and My Style Monday. Happy Sunday!


  1. This is really a charming look! I must, must wear my denim skirt with boots before the winter ends!

  2. Love the blue and rust together.
    Looks great.
    Hope your feeling better soon.


  3. Oh, goodness. I could never work in pediatrics. I get a bug just looking at a toddler! Lol. My hubby volunteered in pediatrics for a while and was fine, but me- uh, no. Country girl or not, you look cute!

  4. So good to see I am not the only one having to plough through the snow!Okay, I can tell from the picture you have more snow overthere. I love the squared blouse with the ruffled vest. I have some squared shirts but have trouble combining them with something feminine. And the boots... I guess they look country. But falling over with high heels in the snow wouldn't be more elegant... citygirl in the snow ;-). Guess men prefer high heels?

  5. You always pull together the cutest outfits! And that cardigan is so pretty!

  6. Buying a pair of Hunters is on my "list" for sure! I'm debating between the green, red, and black and I just don't know which one to choose!

  7. It's good to see you wearing your Wellingtons in the snow, you look really yummy.

  8. Hunters are on my list too. Now to find a nice pair on sale somewhere! haha.
    Love the hunters, love the cardigan.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my place. (:

  9. Great combo! I love me some cardigans!
    Found you via plane pretty!

  10. Hope your day of studying all cozied up helps out with your bronchitis, that does not sound fun. (oh, and ICE FISHING?! what?! my mind was blown when I read that, hehe)

    I too love rediscovering things in my closet, it's so much fun! Makes me feel like I've gone shopping without spending a dime :)

    kristina in retroworter

  11. If the boots keep your feet warm and dry, then it does not matter one bit that they are not actually snow boots.

  12. I think you look great. Love your scarf in the first photo!

  13. I did not think of country girl when I saw your photos. LOL Oh, husbands...they are so adorable. My husband told me I looked Victorian one day, and I was puzzled. hahaha

    I found you on Plane Pretty and I've added you to my RSS feed (Google Reader)!

    More Modern Modesty

  14. Ohh, I love all these colors together! You look great, and if it's country at all, it definitely falls in the "glamorous country" category!

  15. What a great look! The rust and gingham pair so well together, and your skirt is so cute.

  16. Don't you just love boys commentary on clothes??? I think you look great! I have that same cardigan in teal and I've worn it like crazy! I think this is a fun outfit and it's given me some inspiration for my gingham top :)

  17. I love the ruffle on that cardigan!!! Come over to my blog because I just nominated you for a Liebster Award.

  18. So cute! Love your boots and cardigan! Anything with hunters boots always looks cute!



  19. Oh the cardi is so cute with the ruffles! And the color looks great with the gingham shirt =)

  20. All the gingham is getting me excited for spring, and I usually prefer my winter wardrobe. Your outfit MIGHT look a little bit country, but it looks a lot a bit cute.

  21. sweetheart if this is "country" than it is highbrow JCrew country. You look wonderful. I love the bold use od color and pattern and added in with the scarf..awesome. I think I have pinned everyone of your outfits. LOVE them!

  22. Wonderful outfit. And I'm happy to see someone else still in the snow like me! Thanks for linking up to My Style Monday.

  23. I love these colors together, so cute! Thanks for linking up :)

  24. Erika, I hope you are feeling better! I love your scarf in the top photo! Where is it from?

    1. Thanks, Mary!! The scarf is from Nordstroms, I found it last winter and I think the brand is "Frenchie".


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