Friday Quick Takes

Friday, February 8, 2013

Just as I was getting ready for bed last night, my pager went off and I let out a loud sigh and eye roll for Stephen’s benefit because “I always get paged when I’m on call” (not true but that’s what it felt like). Anyways, back to the hospital I went and so ended my long week. So glad it’s Friday…and as always, joining up with Jen.

    1. This was a rough week. Now, I’m trying to be nonchalant about it because undoubtedly there are many people who had a worse week than me. But anyways, it started with a small car accident. I’ll explain. I was running late to round on patients in the hospital and I had to take Stephen’s car because mine was dead. I tried to back up the driveway , but thanks to my dead car planted in our narrow driveway,  I had to back up at an odd angle (and backing up was never my strong suite to begin with). Before I realized what was happening, I stopped with a hard, shaking jolt. At first I thought that I had hit our mailbox (I was sure that it was long gone since I hit so hard) but then I realized it was ‘just’ the electric pole. The worst of it was the large crack left in Stephen’s bumper, on the car that he was hoping to trade in….of course he was his usual sweet self about it, which only made me feel worse…

Leftover tracks from my unfortunate incident; at least the pole and mailbox are still standing

2. The next morning, I was up early studying again and trying to finish an assignment before rounds and somehow managed to spill my mug of coffee on our precious new couch. Funny thing was that I could tell by Stephen’s face that he was way more crushed about our couch than his car. Still trying to get the stain out (any tips?)

3. My week started to look up on Wednesday morning because of what the residents and medical students like to call “Omelette Day”. Basically, one of the (only) perks of being a medical student is that we get free food (all-you-can-eat) in the hospital cafeteria. And on some Wednesdays, they will make you an omelet from scratch (mine is always all the veggies available and swiss cheese). Ok, these Quick Takes are getting a little sad.

4. I diagnosed Stephen this week with lip-licking syndrome and myself this week with cobblestoning of my oral pharynx #lifeofamedstudent. I should really write a post about all of the diseases that I have diagnosed myself and my family members with since starting medical school, but that would probably get a little too personal.

5. On to bigger and better things (ha). I had way too much fun this week with style posts  (pattern mixing here). I really love writing fashion posts, and I had the fleeting thought this week that if I weren’t like a trillion dollars in debt already, I would like to drop out of medical school and be a part-time fashion blogger and stay-at-home mom. I can dream, right?

6. Loving the Valentines-y looks here (no pun intended).


7. So true.



  1. So sorry about the car accident. Glad you are ok!

    Free food in the caf? I hate you a lil bit. We have to pay for EVERYTHING!! Its probably for the best, I'd be a super fatty if I could eat all I wanted.

    I love that outfit with the stripes and the plaid underneath. Gorgeous! You can try your hand at the fashion blogger during the gloriously free 4th year. :)

  2. That's hilarious that you diagnose Stephen and yourself with whatever you're learning! I could see myself doing the exact same thing. I'm glad you and your car are okay, and yes, I second Katie--your style is fantastic, and you'd be a great fashion blogger =)

  3. I've backed into a light pole before. And a garage door. And another car, trash cans, bikes, etc. My husband says the my preferred method is "back up until you hit something." I guess I'm just so focused on trying to see people that I don't see anything else. The best back up story ever at our house belongs to one of our sons. He backed into the pole in front of Aldi's so hard we had to use a sledge hammer to beat the bumper back down or the rear doors wouldn't open. Makes me laugh every time! (yes, it was an old, high mileage vehicle. Not in the best of shape to begin with. I miss ol' Bessie.) Hope your next week is better!


  4. Yikes on the car accident, Erika! I've done that before too, so I can kinda relate...


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