Bittersweet endings...

Sunday, June 23, 2013

This week marks the last of my rural medicine rotation. It's definitely bittersweet; I won't miss driving back-and-forth or living out of a suitcase, but it's been an incredible experience. Out of all of my rotations so far, I can say that this is the one that I believe will impact my future practice the most. The doctors I'm working with are not just intelligent and professional, but they truly care about their patients. They make sacrifices so that their patients can have better medical care, their patients rely on them, and they strive every day to be a better physician. This is also the first rotation where I've seen physicians integrate their faith into their practice. 

I haven't wrote as much about this rotation as I've wanted to, but I think it's because it's hard to put into words what I've learned these last few months. It's easy for me to write about the things that aren't as meaningful to me (ie clothes, ha) but harder to write about the experiences that have really impacted me (hence why I haven't written about Haiti yet). Part of it stems from a fear that I won't really do what I've experienced justice....

Onward to what I wore Sunday. Stephen and I went to Latin mass today because he's working night shift and it's the latest Sunday mass. He whispered to me halfway through "I have no idea what's going on!" I picked out a few words thanks to my Spanish knowledge (at least enough to know when we were supposed to stand and when we were praying the Our Father). 

About the outfit: I've been waiting to pair this neutral baseball sweater with my mint pencil skirt (I hope that mint never goes out of style because I can't get enough of it). I also attempted the half-tuck that J. Crew is always touting and I think I half-way succeeded? And I'll be wearing this again to the clinic this week and possibly for my presentation on Friday because I'm original like that...

 Baseball sweater: J. Crew
Pencil skirt: J. Crew Factory
Shoes: Madewell
Necklace: Loft

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this outfit! I'm sending you good thoughts as you transition from this rotation. I genuinely appreciate doctors who care deeply about their patients.

  2. I really love your side-pony! I've been attempting that look myself now that my hair is longer. It's surprisingly chic-looking and so easy! Love the baseball sweater too. I ordered the navy one as a ride-along for an order and now I don't want to send it back! It would look great with mint, too, so thanks for the idea on that!

    Have a great week! :)

  3. This is a great outfit, I love the simplicity of it!


  4. I love the top, love the mint, and love the half tuck.

  5. I'm glad you had an insightful rotation and were able to experience rural medicine. It's experiences like these where we realize where the needs truly are and be able to witness the type of physicians that make such a substantial impact. You look lovely in this outfit too! Love the mint skirt :)


  6. Okay, I'm totally hearing you on wanting to try this. I definitely think you pulled it off - I tried the half tuck thing too. I think I kinda succeeded. I love the baseball neutral top - I had several of these in college.. wish they were still around. :)

    Andrea @ Momma in Flip Flops

  7. That skirt is SUPER cute. Fun outfit that is sophisticated yet playful too.


  8. New to your blog from Fine Linen & Purple- I Love JCrew and love baseball tees so when I saw your little icon photo on FL&P I was like "WANT THE SHIRT. MUST KNOW WHERE IT'S FROM!"

  9. This is my favorite outfit I've ever seen you wear by far!! Absolutely love the mix of the baseball tee with the skirt, that seems to be the look I want to wear every day, great choice lady!!

  10. Uber chic! I love the side pony. Also, I see necklaces I love all the time and people say they get them from LOFT, but I never like the ones I see when I'm in the store. Maybe I need better styling vision, haha

  11. I haven't seen this baseball sweater before. It's so cute!

  12. You totally rocked that half-tuck, girl! I defy Jenna Lyons herself to do it better ;)

    Also I would never have had the creativity to pair that cazsh looking sweater with a pencil skirt and now I'm super envious of your fashion instinct! It makes it all look so much younger and effortless. Genius.

  13. Why do I not have a baseball tee yet?! I love your outfit! Thanks for joining my Sunday Style Link Up...I would love for you to add another outfit today :)


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