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Friday, June 7, 2013

Joining Jen.

1. I meant to post some pictures last Friday from Memorial Day weekend but I never ended up finishing a post. Anyways, it was beautiful: visiting my favorite waterfall growing up (that I hadn't seen in 10 years!), wildflower spotting (shocking with how cold it's been here lately) and a gorgeous view from a hike nearby.

2. Things have been hectic lately and there has been more than a few days that I wondered if I should keep blogging. It's been a fun hobby for me, but I haven't written about anything really deep or life-altering yet and I realize that there are an overabundance of style blogs out there (and mine in no way compares to any of them). Anyways, I got a note from a new Catholic reader saying how much she loved my blog and style and that she was adding it to her list of reads (even though she had promised herself not to add any more blogs to the list). It completely made my day. I also stumbled upon this pin on Pinterest which was kind of thrilling:

So I'm going to continue on my little endeavor for now. I'm hoping in the future to write about some deeper topics (like the time I spent in Haiti and NFP) but for now it'll continue to be a scattering of outfits (some better than others) and occasional stories of med school and newlywed life.

3. I posted on Monday about finding a suit for residency interviews and I just loved all of the tips that people gave; they were extremely helpful for a girl who has never purchased a suit before. I did order a J. Crew suit with the 30% off sale and I was not impressed with the fit, so I'm going to try Banana Republic like a lot of you suggested. I also found out that Ann Taylor has a 20% off student discount so I'm hoping to go there when we visit Stephen's parents in a few weeks. I must have one by early July for our residency application pictures so I'm crossing my fingers...


4. Speaking of looking for a suit, my mom suggested this website.

5. My sister sent me this Anthropologie link and said that this is basically me in a pillow (pink, pearls, and striped). I love it (but not the price or the fact that Stephen would probably not appreciate having these on our couch).

6. My sisters and I are planning to have a Bachelorette party tomorrow to catch up and I'm counting down the hours. I must admit though that I'm not super impressed with the guys so far. Also, I'm bummed that Desiree sent the ER doctor home last week (he seemed genuinely funny despite his weirdness and lack of dancing ability) and kept the silly dental student wearing his short white coat (speaking from personal experience, why anyone would want to wear their short white coat when they didn't absolutely have to and think it was cool is beyond me). 


7. I'm headed to our main med school campus (7 hour drive from my rural medicine site) on Sunday for a big exam on Monday and Tuesday, so posting will probably be a little spotty next week. I have made some decisions recently (I think) on what specialties I'm going to apply for, so I'm feeling much better about that. And this quote is very fitting:

The Chiffon Diary


  1. I've thought about closing up shop on my blog too (at least for a while during interviews and what not) but I every time I'm about to make it official I get an email from someone too. It's such a good feeling! :) I'm glad you decided to keep it up, I need a fellow J Crew Junkie and med schooler. :D

    I did not know Ann Taylor did 20% off for students! Hells yeah! I need to start thinking about that for real because I've basically just pretending like it doesn't exist. :)

    Good luck on your tests! Glad you got to deliver some babies on Family!

  2. Don't stop blogging! I love reading blogs of fellow married Catholic career-minded women bloggers (oy, that's a mouthful) and yours is a fave. So is Katie's at NFP and Me. Never stop, you guys! I feel like there are so few of us balancing vocations as Catholic wives and professionals (or, at least, blogging about it). And if I am out making this money (whilst changing the world for the better, obvi), I do need you to provide links with where to spend it. Ha! (But for real, I have bought an absurd amount of J.Crew Factory since I started reading your blog. You da best.)

  3. I love that quote by Corrie ten boom...keep blogging, you always have great idea's for outfits and cute clothes:)

  4. I totally understand how you feel Erika. I love blogging, but it's a lot of work and there are many fashion blogs out there. But that's ok because each blogger brings something different. I love that your a doctor and you still manage to find time to blog and be fashionable. COntinue to blog because you have some loyal readers.

    Stop by and enter my sephora giveaway and link up to my tres-chic fashion thursday link up.


  5. I think in a time when we're over-inundated (not sure if that's even a word!) with social media (Pinterest, IG, etc.) it's hard to not compare ourselves with other bloggers and wonder how we're ever going to get noticed. The important thing is that you do it because it makes you happy and everything else is just a bonus. I debated starting a blog for a long time and I'm glad I did even if some days I wonder if anyone is reading! Definitely stick with it, you have a great sense of style and clearly a lot of fans!

    The Fab Life

  6. Wonderful quote, and so fitting for my time of life, too. Thanks. :)

  7. Hi! Never commented before, but I really enjoy your blog! You outfit posts are great and I love your passion for what you do- it really shines through your writing :)

    Plus, I love reading blogs from people who live in the same state as me (I am assuming this, of course. Mostly from your photos and the trillium flowers up there :)!)


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