5 Favorites

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

5 favorites this week (linking up with Hallie):

1. This hoodie: I wish I would never have bought a pair of running pants from Lululemon last summer, because before that I would never imagined spending so much on yoga/running clothes. Two shirts and one more pair of pants later, I'm hooked. Both of my shirts from there are baggy in just the right places to make a great maternity top (at least at this point of my pregnancy). This hoodie is sold out now online, which is a good thing because it's so wonderful that I want every color that they every made.

And this little guy is not so little anymore (comparatively that is). I went to a prenatal yoga class yesterday which was ridiculous ("cross your leg over your chest and grab on, now practice rocking your baby") and all kinds of relaxing all at the same time. Anyways, it was my first time and after telling the yoga instructor that I was almost 26 weeks, she asserted that "Well, you're not very big" to which I responded seriously?

2. These booties: I've been looking for a pair of camel booties for a while, and happened to see these on Kendi while I was wasting precious time on Pinterest. They looked way too expensive to be from Old Navy, so I was shocked when I clicked on them (here). $32 later (they were 25% off) I think I found the perfect pair of camel booties...side note that the leather is surprisingly not pleather-ish.

3. J. Crew baby: Did you even know there was such a thing?! And let's be honest, it's a little silly (cashmere jumpers for your newborn, anyone?) but these onesies are just adorable.


4. Mi bebe: He's now an official mover and groover, since I saw my stomach moving (!) last week. Despite loving everything OB I did not know that it was possible to see a little 24 week old moving inside of you, but I now know that it is. Stephen has yet to see it for himself since I've been trying to take a video for him but the little guy has yet to cooperate (he always stops moving, at least visibly, after I start recording). At my conference yesterday I kept getting distracted by my belly moving around.

5. These lip pencils: I've never been much of a lipstick wearer - until I got this one with a J. Crew credit (they sell a couple of colors at J. Crew). Don't get one yourself because then you'll be addicted too.


  1. oh, I do love baggy sweatshirts & those booties are super cute.

    Congrats on the baby!

    Ruthie @ www.roothless-xo.blogspot.com

  2. Adorable booties! I have the same pair in darker brown- the camel was my fav but they were sold out at the time. :) And those onesies are too cute!

  3. I got a Nars lip pencil this year (Bettina is my favorite) and you're exactly right - I can hardly wear anything else now. Is J Crew baby not precious?!

  4. Have and love one of those lip pencils and the last year version of the Old Navy boots... always amazed by how well Old Navy shoes hold up for the price, and they're cute & comfy too!

  5. I just found your blog through Hallie's and I'm so glad I did! I love it, and congratulations :)

    I was flipping through the J. Crew catalog during the Super Bowl and saw a 2 page spread on their Baby section...needless to say I immediately wanted to buy it all up for my future children. It's all so cute!

  6. Yes, "seriously"; you look great!


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