On Valentine's Day

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Outfit on left (Date night): top//cardigan//jeans//booties
Outfit on right (V-day): same jeans and top/hearts cardigan (old, J. Crew Factory)/boots Frye

I love Valentine's Day. Since I found my person I love it more, but I loved it even in high school when my friends and I would send each other 'secret admirer' carnations and in college when we would have single ladies parties and watch romantic comedies and after college when I spent it with the wrong person. I'm lucky that Stephen is one of those romantic guys (not that he would ever admit it) and gives the most thoughtful gifts, writes cards sweeter than anything I could come with, and always gets me flowers (this year it was a huge, beautiful bouquet of pink tiger lilies. 

This Valentine's Day felt a little different for us. Marriage is wonderful and all of that, but I think we've learned more about the meaning of sacrificial love for each other these last months while Stephen works at a job that has sucked the life out of him, I deal with the changes of pregnancy, and we both face huge life decisions along with their accompanying uncertainties. The funny thing is, it made this Valentine's Day that much sweeter. Going through difficulties together has purified and deepened our love for each other. We know each other better, appreciate each other more, and understand what marriage is so much differently than we did when we looked at each other bright-eyed and innocent at the altar. And since we are still kind of newlyweds, I think that Valentine's Day will only get better.

We celebrated with a nice dinner at a quiet hotel in town the night before Valentine's Day since Stephen had to work February 14. It was the best date that we've had in a long time; we talked and laughed and reminisced about some of our favorite memories together. We also planned for the baby; Stephen went to a Dad's class this week which he complained about before ("Why do I need to go to a class on how to change diapers?" me : "Have you ever changed a diaper?" Stephen: "   ") but he ended up leaving the class so excited (it was really cute) and with lots of tips on how to swaddle a baby, etc. It made things much more real for him I think, even though we both are still trying to wrap our heads around the face that in a couple months we will bring a little guy into the world.

(the bump looks much bigger in person, I promise)

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  1. What a beautiful post! I'm sure your husband's excitement for his dad's class is making you love him even more! I didn't even know there was such a thing... while my husband and I aren't pregnant quite yet, he hasn't ever changed a diaper either so off to that kind of class he will go!

  2. You are about the cutest little mom-to-be ever. Good luck in the months to come -- it will seem long, but it will be worth it.


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