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Monday, February 24, 2014

I was going through my Pinterest style board the other day and noticed a pattern...

I started off mostly pinning things that had been true to my style for a long time: big scarves, tailored sweaters, ruffled cardis, and button-downs...kind of simple, pretty, and a little understated.

*all images via my Pinterest style board*
Then enter spending more time on Pinterest, style blogs, etc. I started pinning things that were brighter, more fun, and a little crazier - big statement necklaces, bold color combinations, and lots of pattern-mixing. My closet even started to reflect this a little, but let's face it, unless you're Kendi it's awfully hard to pull off a polka dot blazer with a striped skirt, and as much as I would love to wear that tulle skirt with the leopard scarf and baseball tee (still one of my favorite pins), I wouldn't feel comfortable and it isn't my style. Also, my mint jeans are sitting in a box downstairs, worn only a few times.

And then, lately...I've been pinning lots of neutrals, more classic combinations...outfits that transcend more than a season. I think I've realized that a perfectly cut blazer is more worthwhile than a third patterned button-up or pair of colored jeans, statement necklaces work best for me when paired with a grey tee and jeans, and the right polka dot sweater makes an outfit in itself (without a big purse or a statement necklace).

It's funny that being pregnant and having much more limited outfit options has actually given me the opportunity to step back and reevaluate what my personal style really is and what I want it to be.

I'm going to really *try* to join Jen for 7 posts/7 days...


  1. I think it will be interesting for you to see if/how motherhood changes your style. Maybe it won't change much, since you're going to be a working (outside the home) mom, but for me having babies was the single biggest style-changer in my entire life--and not in a bad way either!! :) (Well, maybe in a bad way AT FIRST. The postpartum period isn't really any woman's style friend.) But I've been a stay-at-home mom and writer (i.e. work-at-home) since my girls were born so I've had a lot of freedom to explore, hone, and perfect (ha!) casual/fun/hip????/mama style. (Not really hip. Ha. But I hope at least cute.) Now that my daughters are in school all day I am working part-time in the afternoons, but the job requires casual wear that I can move in, so if anything I have to dress MORE casual for work than when I was "just" a SAHM. It's just interesting to think about, I guess. :)

  2. YES! This. I absolutely agree. Having limited options when expecting has made me step back and think about how I want my wardrobe to look once baby is here. Such a transition, but a great one to make!

  3. I love this post. Personal style isn't about wearing all the latest trends, it's about making it work for you. Bying things for the sake of it being in style is wrong, because like you said it will land up on the bottom of your closet, never worn.




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