Thursday, February 27, 2014

Scarf: deloom

Eating: English muffins with peanut butter, blackberries, and cinnamon Life cereal (which I discovered is the reason why my hemoglobin is perfectly normal for a pregnant lady even though I've been taking these no-iron prenatal tummies - Life has 40% daily value of iron, and I've been eating two bowls every morning).

Thinking about: my residency match list which officially closed last night. I'll be honest that I was tossing and turning all night last night thinking that I should have switched my number 2 program (a solid program close to Stephen's family) with my number 3 program (at one of the top hospitals in the country but far from family). But this morning I had more clarity and I realized that I shouldn't ever regret making a decision that I felt was best for our family. Now if only we didn't have to wait almost a month for match results!

Wanting: a black floral scarf like this one.

Thankful for: a healthy pregnancy so far (besides my hospital stay over Christmas). I passed my glucose tolerance test with flying colors despite ice cream and brownies the night before (living on the edge!) and the steroids I was on for asthma after my hospital stay. My hemoglobin is 12.2 which is great for 29 weeks pregnant (see my Life cereal comment) and I only gained one pound these last four weeks. God is good.

Excited about: baby showers coming up in March courtesy of my lovely mom/sisters/mother-in-law, a barely-used Medela double electric breast pump that a good family friend decided to give me, and our pretty gray crib that came last week.

Watching: the Bachelor (of course). This season is epic in that it has to be the worst season I have watched thus far (which doesn't at all mean that I will stop watching). Juan Pablo is incredibly condescending, sexist, and a little dumb (sorry Juan) and I won't be that sad when this season finishes. This Huffington Post article called it (go Andi). And yet I remain a Bachelor fan for some unbeknownst reason.

Wishing: that someone made long torso maternity jeans. My two pairs of full-panel maternity jeans (which are more comfy now that I'm in the third trimester) sit awkwardly low, as in several inches below my hip bones, thanks to my super long torso.

Drinking: lots of water with fruit in it (which I just discovered a few weeks ago in the hospital caf) aaaand a half-glass of wine the other night (felt like such a rebel).

Feeling: ready for warmer weather pleeeeaaase (the high was -7 today, ouch) before my borrowed non-maternity coat doesn't zip any's coming dangerously close.

Hoping: that I deliver one to two weeks early so I can have more time with the babe before residency (how-to-induce labor suggestions welcome and I promise I won't use them until 38 weeks).

Wondering: if I will make it to graduation, which I just signed up for and happens to be 6 days before my due date (and I am totally fine with not making it if the reason is that I deliver early).

Loving: that Stephen is so patient and calm and kind when I'm not.

Copying Sydney and Grace and a bunch of other awesome bloggers. And I can't believe I'm still keeping up with Jen's 7 posts/7 days challenge.


  1. I"m really curious to know what your #1 pick was. Have you posted about that at all, or are you keeping it private for now?

  2. Thanks for the catch-up - you've got a lot going on lately! Glad to know you and babe are happy and healthy!

  3. I am copying your prompts for 7qt today.... i need PROMPTS!
    And wow, breastpump way to go! those things are expensive. And you've got the "quieter" one. I have the freestyle and the pump is loud! haha.
    Just buy new connectors (not just the spare parts) just because personal pumps are not closed circuits like hospital ones. (just to be safe and avoid cross contamination.....)

  4. You may already know this, but if you want a back up pump in case something happens to that one, you should be able to get a free one through your insurance! :)


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